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The Value of Membership

Organized dentistry envisions how the profession will look in the coming years. While you're focusing on maintaining your daily practices, the MDS and the ADA are looking at the future and offer you up-to-date information to assist you in capitalizing on new opportunities.

When seeking ideas and know-how about specific management issues, the MDS, the ADA, and your local district have the tools and resources to point you in the right direction, saving you valuable time and money.

For more than 150 years, the Massachusetts Dental Society (MDS) has supported the needs of dental professionals in the Commonwealth. Look around your community—a majority of dentists in Massachusetts turn to the MDS for guidance, education, protection, and focused advocacy. By joining the MDS, you have access to an established support system of experienced colleagues and dedicated staff who are motivated to support you today and prepare you for the future. Whether you are looking for education, practice guidance, protection, or for a stronger voice in government, you have come to the right place.



Over 5000 Dental Professionals
  • Advocate for the Profession: Be a part of the leading voice for dentistry in Massachusetts that helps advance and protect the profession. Your membership will help increase the political clout and our impact on Beacon Hill and with local legislators.
  • Volunteer Opportunities: The MDS works hard to match your talents, interests, and experience to important volunteer opportunities that achieve results.
  • Interact with Colleagues: Your MDS membership allows you to connect with fellow members for clinical guidance and practice management support. By creating a network of colleagues, you gain valuable resources and a sense of security and camaraderie. You are able to support and help one another in reaching your professional goals.
  • Give Back: Join your colleagues and give just a few hours of your time to make a big difference to your community with the MDS Cares Community Service Program.
  • Support the MDS Foundation: The MDS Foundation provides charitable resources to improve the oral health of Massachusetts residents.
  • Guest Board Member Program: Learn about the major issues affecting the profession and discover how the organization works and what it is doing for the profession.


Access member-exclusive tools to satisfy and record your CE credits. The Yankee Dental Congress and the MDS provide valuable education for members and your staff, while the MDS CE Registry gives you an easy and accurate CE record-keeping service.

  • Update Your CE Credits Online: The MDS Registry which is complimentary to members, supplies you with an easy and accurate record-keeping service for your CE credits. Transcripts are readily available anytime.
  • Earn Continuing Education Credits: The Yankee Dental Congress and the MDS provide valuable education for members and your staff to connect with like-minded members, learn new strategies and techniques and fulfill your obligations for licensure.


As a dentist, MDS membership allows you a voice to contribute to and influence state, local, and national laws and regulations that affect your personal and professional success. The MDS asked our members to share their personal experiences on how membership has helped them enrich their career and provided them with experiences that have helped them professionally and personally. 


Protect yourself and support your peers. Membership offers personal service and group rates on professional and personal insurance as well as peer review support, a voluntary dispute resolution program.


Patient Community
  • Support your Peers: Peer review is a voluntary dispute resolution program designed to uphold the Code of Ethics and Code of Professional Conduct. A voluntary committee of your peers helps resolve issues in an amicable non-judicial process without Board of Registration in Dentistry involvement of additional expense.
  • Insurance and Risk Management Programs: Membership offers personal service and group rates on professional and personal insurance for malpractice, liability and risk management as well as offering an array of other discounts services.


MDS programs are designed to help you save money, increase office efficiency, and motivate your staff, all while offering exceptional customer service. Best of all, these products and services are available to you right here, reducing the time you spend on research.

All companies listed in our Member Savings Program are chosen based on careful review of each company’s products or services, as well as its ability to meet the needs of dental professionals like you.



With so many changes happening in the profession, staying on top of everything can be daunting. The MDS online community, email notifications, and award-winning publications keep you abreast of the newest innovations and regulations to help you better manage your practice.


Dedicated Response Team
  • Importance of Compliance: The MDS is your resource for timely information on regulations, license requirements, prescription guidelines, and other practice and clinical requirements.
  • Stay Informed: Stay up to date on the latest regulations and innovations with timely email communications and the award winning Journal of the Massachusetts Dental Society.
  • Access to the Member Assistance Center: Dedicated MDS staff members are available by phone or email to offer you guidance on a broad range of topics, including,day-to-day operations, practice management, compliance, employee relations, and regulations.