Patient Management

A patient's willingness and knowledgeable agreement to have dental procedures performed on him/her is necessary if you are to avoid being charged with malpractice or misconduct. Your ability to effectively explain procedures, answer questions, and offer alternatives will be vital to avoiding costly litigation.

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Terminating Network Participation

Deciding to terminate a relationship with an insurance company is a difficult decision. If you decide to move forward with terminating network participation, it is important that you inform your patients of your reasons for this decision. Most insurance providers will send letters to your patients suggesting the patient changes to a "network dentist" so don't let them have the last word. 

Send a letter to your corresponding patient base informing them that you are terminating participation, and explain your decision, what the change will mean, and the high value you place on the dentist-patient relationship. You may use the sample template provided here.

What to include in your letter:

  1. Thank you for being my patient. The relationship between a dentist and patient is a vitally important one based on trust, comfort, and communication.  
  2. My patient philosophy is [...]
  3. After long and careful consideration, I want to share with you that starting [insert date], I have decided to end my practice’s relationship with [company]. Most importantly, this decision does not change our relationship. Your insurance will still be accepted here. I will still continue to offer you all the advantages my practice has to offer. We will continue to work with you to process your benefit claims. 
  4. I decided to end my practice's relationship with [company] because [...] 
  5. Here’s what the change will mean for you. Because I am no longer an in-network provider, there could be an increase in treatment costs. Also, because [company] does not allow its members to assign benefits directly to their dental care providers, your insurance company may pay your benefits directly to you, which means that we may invoice you for payment. We can discuss these changes now or the next time we meet. But please know that we will continue to have your best interests in mind and value the relationship we have built. 
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