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New Dentist Resources

Get engaged and stay informed with MDS! Look out for email tips, licensing updates, and networking events in your local district to connect with members near you.

Continuing Education

The MDS aims to meet the continuing education (CE) needs of all dental professionals by offering a multitude of courses, seminars, and symposia, as well as the annual Yankee Dental Congress.

The Board of Registration in Dentistry (BORID) requires all dentists to fulfill CE requirements, including mandatory courses in risk management, CPR, pain management, and infection control, per biannual license renewal cycle. 

You can find CE opportunities on our MDS calendar or on your local District pages.

Employment Agreements and Compensation

Use the Associate Considerations and Contracts page to learn more about:

  • Methods of Compensation
  • Terms for a Basic Contract
  • Classifications

Use the ADA's Compensation as an Employee page to learn more about:

  • Understanding Compensation Calculations
  • Common Compensation Terms
The MDS and the ADA do not review employment contracts. Please contact a lawyer to review your contract.

Employment Opportunities

Looking for employment opportunities? 

Visit the MDS Career Center for current job opportunities and to upload your resume, or contact your District Dental Society.

How to Get Involved

There are plenty of opportunities for new dentists to become involved with the MDS community, including networking events, District meetings, and MDS Committee participation. 

The New Dentist Committee puts on several networking events and Family Fun Days throughout the year. These are a great opportunity to connect with other new dentists, as well as seasoned dentists and dental students. The MDS offers a variety of Committees that you may participate in, as well as community volunteer opportunities.

Managing Debt

The MDS understands that student loans can have a major impact on new dentists as you start your career. Here are some resources to assist you in managing your debt:


Patient Insurance Plans and Providers

As you begin to practice dentistry, you will find that navigating the various dental insurance plans that your patients carry can be complex. You should familiarize yourself with common insurance terms and providers to better understand the contract and billing processes. This will ensure that you are able to make informed decisions in the best interest of your patients and your practice.


Practice Management

The MDS is dedicated to helping dental professionals manage their practices from navigating through guidelines and regulations to understanding the impact risk management has on their practice. Here are some resources you may find useful.


Protecting Yourself

As you begin your career, it is vital that you protect yourself and your business. Speaking with a good insurance agent is the first step to take. If you don’t have an agent, ask for recommendations from other dentists or get in touch with the ADA or the MDS. 

The following are important protections that MDS membership connects you with: