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Beacon Hill Day

Beacon Hill Day 2025

For the past several months the MDS Government Affairs Committee has been actively reviewing past Beacon Hill Days and assessing the best format to make this event an enjoyable and successful day for all involved. After careful consideration we are pleased to announce that the Massachusetts Dental Society will once again host a Beacon Hill day on Wednesday June 4, 2025!

Why are we meeting next year?

January 2025 will mark the beginning of a new two-year legislative cycle, following the upcoming Fall elections. Newly elected officials will take office, committees will be re-organized and the MDS will have filed an updated legislative agenda. Visiting the Statehouse early in the session allows our members the greatest opportunity to advocate for our agenda at the onset of the legislative process, whereas today we are nearing the end of the legislative calendar will several of our bills having already been sent to “study order” which ends their progress. 

Although formal sessions of the House and Senate are not typically announced until one or two weeks prior, we expect that the Statehouse will be active as Committees begin to meet to review legislation in the early Spring. In considering the date, the Government Affairs Committee was also working to stay clear of any conflicts with holidays and school vacation.

Future Beacon Hill Days

Moving forward, MDS Beacon Hill Day will take place in the first year of the legislative calendar (2025, 2027, 2029). However, be assured that even with this alternating-year plan the Government Affairs Committee will continue to work year-round to advocate and keep our members informed.

What’s Next?

Now that we have selected our date the Government Affairs Committee will get to work on planning our agenda for the day.  In a new format, we will not be meeting at an area hotel, rather MDS members will assemble at the Statehouse in the morning (ideally the Hall of Flags) where we will have presentations by both elected officials and MDS leaders. Following speakers and lunch MDS members will spread out into the Statehouse to meet with their Representative and Senators. In the coming weeks and months we will continue to keep our members informed as we develop the agenda and registration process for Beacon Hill Day 2025!

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