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Practice Management

The MDS is dedicated to helping dental professionals manage their practices from navigating through guidelines and regulations to understanding the impact risk management has on their practice. Use the below resources and tools to help manage your practice.

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Do you have an Ethics in Practice case study you would like to share or practice management-specific content you would like us to consider? Please email Ellen Factor, MDS director of dental practice and member engagement services.

Practice Tools

Clinical Practice Guidelines

Ethics in Practice Case Studies

Practice Transitions

Buying or selling your practice is one of the most important decisions in your career. It's with this in mind that the Massachusetts Dental Society (MDS) and the American Dental Association (ADA) have developed resources to assist you in the process. Whether you are selling or buying, the more information you have, the more prepared you can be. The following resources are designed to assist you in your transition.

Accountants Resources

Below is a list of accountants that specialize in dental practice valuations. The companies appearing on this list do not represent an endorsement by the Massachusetts Dental Society (MDS), nor is the list intended to be a list of preferred providers. The MDS has obtained this list of companies through various directories, including the Yankee Dental Congress Directory of Exhibits. 
Please Note: This list does not represent an endorsement by or an affinity relationship with the Massachusetts Dental Society (MDS), nor is it intended to be a listing of preferred providers. The MDS has obtained these companies through various directories, including the Yankee Dental Congress Directory of Exhibitors.

Caras and Shulman, PC

Cohen & Cohen Company

DePaola, Begg & Associates

Rosen & Associates, LLP

Schwartz & Schwartz, PC

The Academy of Dental CPA’s

Manuals and Resources from the ADA

Most doctors do not have complete control over the ultimate value of their practice since there are so many variables beyond their control; (e.g. location, active patients). Nevertheless, there are some factors within the doctor’s control that can certainly enhance the salability and the value of a dental practice.

Utilize these additional resources provided by the American Dental Association. Login for may be required.

Prescribing and Dentistry

COVID-19 Information

The MDS continues to monitor COVID-19 advisories and will keep members informed of any new developments and recommendations. Please be sure to read all the communications we send you and continue to check the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, American Dental Association, and Massachusetts Department of Public Health websites for the most current information and updated guidelines. If any recommendations change, we will alert our members. Refer here for COVID-19 guidance and directives. Contact the Member Assistance Center at 800.342.8747, ext. 6, if you have questions.