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Practice Management

The MDS is dedicated to helping dental professionals manage their practices from navigating through guidelines and regulations to understanding the impact risk management has on their practice. Use the below resources and tools to help manage your practice.

Dental Assistant Disciplinary Action Letter to BORID

February 23, 2021

MDS President Dr. MaryJane Hanlon has sent a letter on behalf of all members to the Board of Registration in Dentistry (BORID) advocating against enhanced penalties for dentists who employ dental staff practicing with an expired license or without a license. The MDS has always strongly urged our members and their staff to comply with all rules and regulations set forth by BORID.

“We fear that enhancing the penalty will not have the desired effect of decreasing the number of cases [of non-compliance], but rather may cause those dentists to suffer substantial increases to malpractice premiums and negatively impact their reputation before the public, thereby adversely affecting their commercial viability and—most importantly—potentially hindering patients’ access to care,” writes Dr. Hanlon.

The MDS supports BORID in its efforts to protect the public and hopes to play a larger role in communicating these efforts to members moving forward.

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Practice Transitions

Buying or selling your practice is one of the most important decisions in your career. It's with this in mind that the MDS and the ADA have developed a number of resources to assist you in the process. Whether you are selling or buying, the more information you have, the more prepared you can be. Resources on this page are designed to assist you in your transition.

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Do you have an Ethics in Practice case study you would like to share or practice management-specific content you would like us to consider? Please submit it below for our review. You may be contacted for additional follow-up information by Ellen Factor, MDS director of dental practice and member engagement services.