Practice Management

The MDS is dedicated to helping dental professionals manage their practices from navigating through guidelines and regulations to understanding the impact risk management has on their practice. Use the below resources and tools to help manage your practice.

Clinical Practice Guidelines

Clinical practice guidelines include recommendation statements intended to optimize patient care that are informed by a systematic review of evidence and an assessment of the benefits and harms of alternative care options. These are the strongest resources to aid dental professionals in clinical decision making and help incorporate evidence gained through scientific investigation into patient care. The process for developing clinical practice guidelines is described in the ADA Clinical Guidelines Handbook.

MDS Practice Enhancement Series

Practice Tools

These frequently used forms and checklists have proven to be popular and most effective for members. There is often additional information regarding each form and checklist topic, so please be sure to go to the Patient Management and Practice Management homepages to learn more.

Practice Tools Include:

  • Patient Tools and Resources
  • Office Tools and Resources
  • Employee Tools and Resources
  • Sample Letters
  • Poster Compliance
  • Resource Center
  • Associate Considerations and Contracts
  • MDS Logo Use

Prescribing and Dentistry

Resource Center

The MDS is happy to provide members with practice resources, as well as limited quantities of oral health education brochures and oral hygiene tools at no cost. Oral health tools and brochures are intended for use at health fairs, classroom demonstrations, charitable programs, free care days and other community events. Our brochures cover oral health topics for children and adults including flossing, baby oral health, fluoride, mouthguards, soft drinks and tooth decay, and many more. Visit the Resource Center to place your order.

Risk Management

Risk management is an area that you cannot afford to ignore, as 75 percent of all practicing dentists in the United States will have claims filed against them at some point during their careers. Below are some useful links to help you understand your obligations for complying with regulations and best practices related to risk management.

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