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Leadership Academy

Do you want to improve your leadership skills and learn how to succeed in a changing dental practice landscape? Attend the MDS Leadership Academy and receive complimentary Yankee Dental Congress registration.

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Yankee Study Club On Demand

Yankee Study Club reimagines the way dental professionals connect, grow, and thrive in today's landscape. Registration is now open for Fall 2023 sessions.

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MDS Cares - Jakes Toy Mania

Volunteer for the MDS Cares opportunity on Saturday, December 16, 2023, with Jake's Toy Mania (JTM) brought to you by Christmas in the City. You will help families shop for gifts at the Jake's Toy Mania popup store.

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Be aware of a new texting scam that has hit medical providers and hospitals, and may also target dental practices. Hackers are getting into computer systems through text messages that trick users into clicking on a link that either downloads malicious software or sends private information to the hacker.

The Department of Health and Human Services' Office of Information Security and the Health Sector Cybersecurity Coordination Center warned about "smishing," or text messages. They suggest being wary of urgent text messages, do not click on links, and use multifactor authentication, among other measures to protect your data.

Err on the side of caution. When in doubt do not click on an unknown link.

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Share Your Story to Empower Others

The Massachusetts Dental Society (MDS) is the leading resource for dental health professionals throughout their careers. Share your story about the positive impact that the MDS has had on your professional journey. Record a 1-2 minute video highlighting the value of membership and your path to success. Join other MDS members who are making a difference by recording your video today!