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ADA Files Lawsuit

State Dental Society Leaders were informed that the American Dental Association (ADA) filed an antitrust class action lawsuit against Delta Dental Plans and the Delta Dental Plan Association. The lawsuit alleges that independent Delta Dental carriers across the country violated federal antitrust laws. 

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DIY Orthodontics

The MDS has produced a video featuring MDS President Dr. Janis Moriarty and Dr. Andrew Tonelli, who discuss potential risks posed by do-it-yourself (DIY) orthodontic products and the value of seeing a dentist. The video can be shared with patients on social media or embedded on your practice website.
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MDS President Testifies

MDS President Dr. Janis Moriarty and Guest Board Member Dr. Alec Eidelman testified on November 19 before the Legislature’s Joint Committee on Public Health in favor of a bill to eliminate the live patient component of dental licensing exams.

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Dental Practice Insights Tip of the Week

Dental Practice Insights

You hear this all the time, but so few dentists actually do this: Call your patients at the end of your day or the day following a non-routine appointment. The MDS Dental Practice and Benefits Committee believes that this is the greatest practice builder you can do! Patients are usually stunned and very pleased that the doctor took the time to call and check on them. This personal touch is completely unexpected in this day and age. It is a true win-win. If the patient is experiencing a side effect, you will be able to intercept it immediately and address it. If there is no problem, the patient will remember the outreach and the care that was delivered. So make the call and create a long-lasting patient-dentist relationship.
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