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Phase 1 Reopening Guidance

In Phase 1, dental offices will be eligible to expand services to include emergent and likely to become emergent if deferred cases. In preparation for this expansion of dental treatment, the MDS, in collaboration with leaders of each of the state dental specialty organizations, has created a resource document.

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ADA Return to Work Toolkit

The ADA has developed the Return to Work Interim Guidance Toolkit, a resource that recommends measures to take to help protect patients, staff, and dentists from COVID-19 as practices reopen and begin to provide more than emergency and urgent care.

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Attestation Form Clarification

The MDS has verified with the DPH and BORID that dentists are not required to submit their attestation forms to anyone, but they are required to maintain a copy and make it available upon request. The attestation form requirement applies only to community health centers that are ready to open before May 25.

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Monitor Emergency Patients

Even when dental providers take precautions and screen emergency patients for COVID-19 symptoms, the CDC recommends that dental providers contact all patients who received emergency dental care 48 hours after treatment and ask patients if they are exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19.

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Emergency Practice Guidance

Following the MDS’s strong recommendation that dental offices close to patients seeking elective or non-urgent care, the MDS has released interim guidelines to help dentists determine which procedures are considered emergencies and which are considered non-urgent.

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Interim Mask Guidelines

The ADA has released Interim Mask and Face Shield Guidelines on the PPE recommended in order to practice during the COVID-19 pandemic and to minimize the risk of virus transmission.

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