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MDS 2021 William McKenna Volunteer Hero

August 2, 2021 – The MDS and the Journal of the Massachusetts Dental Society are pleased to announce the 2021 William McKenna Volunteer Hero.
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Updated Office Procedures

The ADA released an Update to Office Procedures During COVID-19 for dentists to consider as they assess COVID-19 workplace hazards and make decisions that are best for their practices.
The document provides information on the best practices for assessing and managing the hazards in a workplace and recommends an integrative approach, incorporating evidence-based scientific data in conjunction with psychosocial, state, and community factors.
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MDS Classifieds

Buy, sell, or lease your practice, office, equipment, services, or vacation properties with the new online MDS Classifieds portal. Our new portal features consolidated, searchable ad listings, a clean, easy-to-use online interface, and increased visibility for your ad. As a member benefit, MDS members receive a 50% discount on all ad placements.

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Dental Practice Insights

If you took out a Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan during the pandemic, the MDS Dental Practice and Benefits Committee reminds you to be sure to stay on top of the loan forgiveness deadline. For example, borrowers who received funds in April 2020 and selected an eight-week covered period for the loan could face a deadline as early as this month. Borrowers are eligible for full forgiveness if they maintained staffing and compensation, used funds for eligible expenses, and spent at least 60% of the money on payroll during the covered period. Borrowers who do not seek forgiveness within 10 months after the last day of their covered period will need to start making payments. Check your loan agreement or reach out to your lender for more information.
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