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Wine and Unwind

Join fellow members for a casual evening at the Boston Winery! Enjoy a wine tasting and pizza made in the winery’s own pizza ovens, while mingling and talking shop with your friends and colleagues.
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Take the Fear Out of Debt

Think you can’t afford to buy a practice with your student loans? This Journal article looks at how you can increase income and improve cash flow by purchasing a business and paying practice debt first.
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Discouraging DIY Dentistry

The ADA discourages the use of DIY dental treatments, such as teeth straightening kits, veneers, and bruxism devices. DIY treatments can have long-term and possibly irreparable effects on patients.
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Dental Insights Tip of the Week

Dental Insights

Do you use abbreviations, acronyms, or symbols to explain procedures in your practice? If so, the MDS Dental Practice Committee recommends that you clearly document your practice's list of abbreviations, symbols, and/or acronyms that are specific to your office. This list should be made part of your office policy so that all team members use uniform terminology. Be sure to educate new staff members with this terminology. Also include a copy of the list of abbreviations used in your office along with any distributed copies of dental records.

Consult your legal counsel or professional liability insurer for specific guidance.
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