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Dental Health for Kids

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month. The Massachusetts Dental Society offers parents, caregivers, and teachers five ways to help children establish good oral health habits at an early age.

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Yankee Rebate 2019-2020

If you're an MDS member and spent more than $2500 on the Exhibit Hall Floor at the 2019 Yankee Dental Congress, you could attend Yankee Dental 2020 for free.

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10 Under Ten Awards 2019

Congratulations to this year's 10 Under Ten Award honorees! Each of the recipients was recognized for their contributions to the profession, their community, and/or organized dentistry.
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Dental Insights Tip of the Week

Dental Insights

The Massachusetts Board of Registration in Dentistry (BORID) has shared its Top 10 Most Frequent Causes for Complaints and Discipline Against Dentists summary. They are as follows:

1. Inadequate infection control measures
2. Failure to conduct weekly spore testing
3. Inadequate documentation
4. Lack of treatment planning
5. Lack of informed consent (general and specific consents)
6. Inadequate risk management practices
7. Lack of required continuing education, which includes safe and effective opioid prescribing and BLS and CDC guidelines)
8. No or incorrect anesthesia and sedation permits
9. Unlicensed practice—failure to renew (self and/or staff)
10. Treatment below the standard of care

The MDS Dental Practice and Benefits Committee urges you to review this list and evaluate how you and your practice would fare and make the necessary adjustments to stay compliant with the state regulations. Also, be sure to regularly review the regulations.

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