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10 Under Ten

The Journal of the Massachusetts Dental Society announces the MDS 10 Under Ten. These dentists have been recognized for their impact on the dental profession in the Commonwealth.

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Yankee Study Club reimagines the way dental professionals connect, grow, and thrive in today's landscape. Register now for Spring 2024 sessions.

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Flo Rida Announcement

The MDS is happy to announce that Flo Rida will be performing at this year's Yankee's 50th celebration! Join us on Friday, January 31, 2025, for a night of awesome entertainment.

Tickets will go on sale when registration opens in October. 

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  • Should Question 2 be the Nation's Standard for DLR?
  • Why is the ADA negotiating a model DLR with the NADP that is different from Q2?
  • What is the NCOIL Model DLR?
Written by Dr. Mouhab Rizkallah, Question 2 set strict rules and eliminated loopholes, resulting in the nation's most powerful minimum Dental Loss Ratio (DLR) law and the nation's most powerful DLR reporting—it was designed to become the DLR framework for the nation, but that goal is being threatened.

On January 26, 2024, instead of following the Massachusetts loophole-free DLR model, our ADA worked with the National Associations of Dental Plans (NADP) to produce a loophole-filled DLR model—known as the "NCOIL DLR Model."  The NCOIL model was officially ratified in April 2024 by NCOIL (National Council of Insurance Legislators)—a national organization of influential politicians (heavily funded by dental insurers). 

Michael W. Davis, DDS, wrote an excellent article capturing the background of the situation. The Oklahoma Dental Society has already been harmed by the NCOIL compromise, and you should read the letter the Oklahoma Dental Society sent to our ADA. 

Your MDS sent this letter to the ADA, pointing out the many loopholes that exist in the NCOIL compromise. Your MDS is advocating for our profession, and we are impacting our ADA. 

Although we critique our ADA, we also respect our ADA's capabilities. Our ADA continues to be the most powerful organization in dentistry, and it is only through your continued tripartite MDS membership that we will influence our ADA's national impact.

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