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BORID Courses at Yankee

Fulfill your requirements with all-new courses at Yankee Virtual 2021. Speakers will discuss how these topics are more important than ever in today’s environment. Take the courses live or sample other courses and take these other requirements in the 30 days following Yankee Virtual 2021.
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Holiday Travel Questions

To help members and their staff better understand the precautions to take when traveling during the holiday season, the MDS and MDS Member Savings Partner HR2Fit has produced a resource to answer questions regarding testing, quarantining, and other issues.
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Flu Vaccine Recommendations

The combination of the seasonal flu and the COVID-19 pandemic has the potential to overwhelm the health care system. Thus, the MDS Board of Trustees has issued guidance strongly recommending that all dental professionals get the flu vaccine and that all dentists encourage their patients to get the flu vaccine.

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Notifying Patients of PPE Fees

If your office is utilizing PPE fee code D1999 or charging a PPE fee, you must notify patients of the new charge before their appointment. It is recommended that you do this at the time of scheduling or prior to the appointment to ensure they are not surprised by the additional charge.

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Diversity and Inclusion

The MDS stands with members of our communities, including our dentists and patients, who face injustice and racism in their day-to-day lives. Leadership is needed on this issue from all walks of life, including dentistry, if we as a society are going to achieve the change that we need.

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Positive COVID-19 Diagnosis

The CDC provides that if a dental patient or staff member develops COVID-19, you should notify all patients who were treated within 48 hours after the person was in the office. Additional guidance from the CDC provides what to do if it has been less than or more than seven days since the reported diagnosis.
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