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Guest Board Member Program

The Massachusetts Dental Society (MDS) Guest Board Member Program offers an opportunity for dentists who have typically been underrepresented in the MDS to participate in Board of Trustee discussions and actions. Guest Board Members are able to offer opinions on all discussion topics, and can participate in all Board functions.


Each year, the Guest Board Program accepts four dentists. Guest Board Member positions are non-voting, but Guests Board Members may actively participate in all Board functions and offer their input during Board discussions. 

Guest Board Members must commit to the following requirements:

  • Attend the MDS House of Delegates meeting, all Board of Trustees meetings, the Board Retreat (July), and a Board orientation 
  • Participate in Board discussions and volunteer or accept Board assignments, if requested by the President or the Board

Note: Any member-dentist of the MDS who is interested in learning more about governance and gaining leadership experience may apply. All applications are reviewed and the final selection of Guest Board Members is made by a Task Force from the Board of Trustees and the Membership Committee. No experience is necessary.