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Note: On Monday February 12, 2024, all Massachusetts Dental Society (MDS) members received this MDS Dental Insight. Since that Insight was created the status of many of these bills has changed. Follow this LINK for synopsis of how the State's legislative session process works and status update of each bill on the MDS’s legislative agenda as of February 14, 2024.

Want to Know the Bills the MDS is Working On?

Guided by Government Affairs Committee Chairman Dr. Fran Clairmont, the Massachusetts Dental Society (MDS) is working on the following bills this legislative session: 

  • House Bill 3880: An Act relative to dental hygienist reciprocal licensure. This Bill establishes a process for allowing international dentists to serve as dental hygienists in the Commonwealth without additional examination.
  • House Bill 300: An Act establishing a dentist diversion program. This Bill directs the Board of Registration of Dentistry (BORID) to develop and regulate a remediation program for dentists seeking substance abuse or mental health disorder rehabilitation. Currently, dentists seeking such rehabilitation are at risk of losing their license.  
  • House Bill 1122: An Act relative to financial services contracts for dental benefits corporations. This Bill disallows fee-setting for non-covered services. Current Massachusetts law allows dental benefits companies to fix reimbursement fees for services that they do not actually cover (i.e., tooth whitening, veneers, and/or other cosmetic procedures). 
  • House Bill 1123: An Act further clarifying the delivery of health care. This Bill clarifies that the 2022 Patients First Act (which requires advance disclosure of the cost of medical procedures with $2,500/incident fines, “shall not apply to any provider licensed to practice dentistry.” 
  • House Bill 1124: An Act relative to dental insurance assignment of benefits. This Bill requires dental insurers, when directed by patients, to pay out-of-network dentists the same amount that the insurer would pay an in-network dentist. This allows patients to see out-of-network dentists without loss of their insurance benefit.

For more information, please contact MDS Director of Government Affairs Dan DiTullio.

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