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ADA and MDS Support Medical Loss Ratio Ballot Initiative in Massachusetts

SOUTHBOROUGH, Ma. - August, 26, 2022 - The American Dental Association (ADA) and the Massachusetts Dental Society (MDS) are diligently working together on behalf of patients to support a November ballot initiative so patients will get more value from their dental insurance premiums.

By voting “yes on Question 2,” dental insurance companies would be required to spend at least 83% of premium dollars collected on dental services or refund the difference to patients, as opposed to insurance companies using the money for executive salaries or other administrative costs. This medical loss ratio (MLR) is already in effect in Massachusetts for medical health insurance and voting yes on question 2 would establish it for dental insurance as well.

For months, the MDS and ADA have been working together in developing a campaign strategy that will enter a more public facing phase over the coming weeks. Both organizations plan to expend the resources necessary in support of campaign activities to educate and engage voters on why they should vote “yes on Question 2” to pass this important, patient-centered referendum.
The campaign committee “Massachusetts Dental Care Providers for Better Dental Benefits” is accepting donations from interested groups and individuals from around the country. The current approach, of no MLR for dental insurance, is unfair to patients who deserve to have most of their premium dollars spent on the dental care they need.

Please consider joining the ADA and the MDS who are working on behalf of patients and their dentists to pass this ballot initiative by contributing to the campaign​​​​​. Anybody, including those outside of Massachusetts, who wishes to contribute financially to these efforts can do so here: 

Massachusetts Dental care Providers for Better Dental Benefits 
One International Place, Suite 1820 
Boston, MA 02110 
Attn: Thomas R. Kiley, Treasurer 

When contributing as an individual, please send in a completed Individual Contribution Form along with your payment. When contributing as a business, please send in a completed Business Contribution Form along with your payment. When contributing as an organization, PAC or association, please send in both the Business Contribution Form and the Contribution Information Request form with your payment. 


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