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Dr. David Samuels

Speaker of the House

David Samuels, DMD, Speaker of the House. As a fifth-grade student, 10-year-old David Samuels was given an assignment to write a report on teeth. While researching for the assignment, he visited his uncle’s dental practice for a day, where the 10-year-old was introduced to patients as Dr. Samuels. He never looked back from that experience. He graduated from Tufts University School of Dental Medicine with a DMD and a degree in periodontics, and today has been practicing for more than 35 years.

Currently, with offices on Martha’s Vineyard and in Boston, Dr. Samuels worked in Andover for 22 years, then spent more than a decade practicing in Bermuda. With his years of experience, what surprises him the most about his profession is the breadth, scope, and ever-expanding field of periodontics. “There are limitless possibilities in and out of actual practice,” he shared. The best professional advice he ever received was to stay active in organized dentistry and pay it forward. Heeding that advice, Dr. Samuels has held countless roles in the Massachusetts Dental Society (MDS), including general chair of Yankee Dental Congress, overseeing the move to the Seaport, and MDS president. He was first introduced to the Society by two mentors, past President Dr. Joe Kalil and past Trustee Dr. Thomas Torrisi, and was hooked. Over the years, he has enjoyed the ability to improve the profession and the Society through his work with the MDS.

An extreme sports enthusiast, Dr. Samuels’ hobbies have included flying as a private pilot, kiteboarding, skiing, and scuba diving. He especially loves playing racquet sports. When asked who he would most want to switch places with for a day, Dr. Samuels shared, “With one of my awesome grandchildren, so I could do it all again.” With a zest for all that he does, Dr. Samuels is looking forward to his new role as Speaker of the House for the MDS.

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