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Albert Sandler, DMD

Albert Sandler, DMD, Region 6 Trustee.

Albert Sandler, DMD, Massachusetts Dental Society Region 6 Trustee. While Albert Sandler, DMD, was in dental school, a mentor counseled, “I never worry about money, just do the best possible for your patients, and you will never be concerned about making a living.” He still lives by these words to this day and shared a special bond with his patients. His favorite part of practice is saving teeth that others might likely remove.  

Graduating from the University of Pennsylvania in 1985, followed by a fascinating general practice residency at Sinai Hospital in Baltimore, MD helped develop his interest in complex reconstructive cosmetic dentistry. What surprises him most about his career? After more than 35 years in practice, “I still love making beautiful smiles, more than ever and enjoy encouraging my patients to take ownership of their oral health." 

Dr Sandler’s involvement with the Massachusetts Dental Society was initiated by Dr Jeane Velde, a retiring colleague who encouraged him to join the MDS Dental Practice Committee in her place. That blossomed into Merrimack Valley District Chair, a director of the MDS Foundation, Chair of the Dental Practice and Benefits Committee, and now Region 6 Trustee. Besides dentistry, Al has a passion for water skiing, swimming, boating, and biking around Big Island Pond in Hampstead NH with his wife, Sarah Finne DMD. He also enjoys chanting as the Hazzan (lay-cantor) for Etz Hayim Synagogue in Derry NH.  

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