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Patient Questions and Answers

These questions have been compiled by the Massachusetts Dental Society to offer general guidance to members. You should continue to rely on your best professional judgment and always consult with your legal or financial advisors for guidance regarding your particular situation. We will continue to update this section as more information becomes available or as information changes. 

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How should I decide which patient?

When should I reach out to patients to schedule appointments?

What messaging should I be sharing with my patients around safety, etc.?

Should I ask my patients to wear face masks while in the waiting room?

How do I prescreen my patients before treating them?

Should I change my waiting room process?

How do I institute social distancing in my office?

Are there new liability issues involved with treating patients in terms of them possibly getting COVID-19 while being in our offices?

Is there a Tripartite marketing effort toward reassuring patients that visiting the dentist is safe once restrictions are lifted and protocols are established? Are there any anticipated rollouts or suggestions for such messaging on a local level?

I need help determining which patients to schedule when we reopen. Can the MDS offer assistance?

Can I be sued by patients or employees if they get COVID-19 from my office?

Do I need to have my patients sign a COVID-19 waiver?