Solutions for amalgam, biohazard, lead and photochemical waste and recycling

Dental Office Waste Disposal and Amalgam Separators

The waste disposal/recycling products that Solmetex offers takes care of the regulatory need of the dentist office. Keeping them compliant to meet the state regulations. Solutions for amalgam, biohazard, lead and photochemical waste and recycling.

What We Do

Solmetex is experienced, equipped and committed to assist the dentists achieve environmentally sound and regulatory compliant practices. Locally based in Northborough, Massachusetts, Solmetex offers members regulatory-compliant amalgam separators and a comprehensive dental office waste disposal program.

All Solmetex products and services can be purchased through a dental dealer / distributor.

Amalgam Separators
  • Market leader in amalgam separators
  • Professionally engineered, robust, simple design
  • ISO 11143 certified at greater than 99%
  • Easy to operate, maintenance free, and flexible design for any application

Office Waste Disposal Program
  • Comprehensive compliance program for disposal of all regulated dental waste
  • Variety of disposal kits for all sizes and types of dental practices
  • Unique mail back program does not require a service pick-up
  • Online access to disposal certificates

How We Can Help You Succeed

Hg5 Amalgam Separator is required by state regulations and provides an all-in-one solution for recycling and certifications. Once the container is full or sedimentation reaches the full line (whichever comes first) order our container which comes with shipping and recycling along with documentation. Giving you a piece of mind for his waste compliance needs.

Practice Waste Solution program provides additional answers for regulatory requirements with the mail in program for other dental waste for amalgam, lead, biohazard and photochemical.  Each product is a mail-in program, keeping the control in your hands.

Special Offers, Promotions, Discounts and Benefits

With the purchase of the Hg5 Amalgam Separator as a members’ benefit is a free collection container.  


Contact Solmetex

Customer and technical support can be reached at our 800-216-5505 Monday thru Friday 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

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