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Bento - Dental Benefit Management Technology

Bento is a modern alternative to traditional dental insurance. Bento’s end-to-end mobile and cloud-based platform connects dentists directly with employers and patients for a seamless experience. By simplifying the claims process step and decreasing administrative costs, practices receive payments faster.
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Winner of the 2019 eHealthcare Leadership Award for "Best Native Mobile App"
Winner of the 2019 Mass Technology Leadership Council Award for "Digital Transformation in Healthcare"

What We Do

  • Immediate, Direct Reimbursement - When patients complete appointments, Bento moves the money from the employer’s account or patient directly to the dentist’s bank account. Bento’s fee schedules are competitive and on par with traditional insurance companies.
  • Save on Office Operating Costs with Instant Estimates and Transparent Pricing - No more friction between you and your patients. No more calling insurance companies and waiting for pre-treatment estimates and chasing claims. No more chasing patients to come back for procedures. No more office errors that cost time and money.
  • Improve Patient Relationships - With a modern app-based experience, patients have a transparent and simple experience. Patients can share plan documents directly with providers while viewing estimates and receipts directly in the app.
  • Increase Practice Revenue – Bento enables dentists to offer fully customizable in-office plans. Using Bento’s end-to-end platform, practices can create and offer plans for FREE within days. Patients receive value and savings while getting a modern experience.

How We Can Help You Succeed

The Bento platform solves issues from appointment to payment by cutting out waste created by middlemen and connecting employers, their patients, and dentists directly. Gone are the days of delays in care, lengthy claims processes, pre-treatment authorizations, objections to treatment planning, automatically denied claims, and more. Bento gets you paid faster and helps preserve your patient relations through transparency. 

Looking to increase options for patients? Offer a fully customizable in-office plan powered by Bento and increase practice revenue and decrease administration costs. 

Special Offers, Promotions, Discounts, and Benefits

  • Join the Bento network for FREE - Become a Bento dentist in minutes; there are no costs to join. Visit
  • Use Bento to administer an employee dental benefit - Bento will waive the administration fee and manage benefits for one year for MDS member dentists when they use Bento to provide a dental benefit to their staff. 

Contact Bento

For more information on how Bento can help you profitably grow your practice and provide your patients with a modern experience, fill out the form below or go to

For 24/7 resources about Bento how-to’s. visit Bentopedia, an all-encompassing knowledge base for everything Bento and dental. Go to to learn more.