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HR2fit is a human resources partner delivering Fortune 500 quality service to the Massachusetts’ dental profession. We offer a complete array of HR services, with an emphasis on excellent onsite service, scaled to fit your dental practice.
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What We Do

HR2fit customizes human resources to fit your needs, providing fast, reliable, and flexible HR support.

During these difficult times with the pandemic, dental practices have been forced to navigate some difficult situations in the workplace. HR2fit has been helping dentists with employee relations, recruiting to fill positions if their current employee refuses to return to work, updating current handbooks, and various trainings. 

HR2fit will be conducting COVID-19 trainings in the near future (more details to follow). 

HR2fit is here to help dentists with their HR concerns at an affordable price and is glad to be in a position to help in these difficult times.

How We Can Help You Succeed

HR2fit will help you succeed by freeing up countless hours of employee relations, training, recruiting, and benefits administration. Let us take care of your HR responsibilities, so you can focus on growing your practice. Our service packages are designed to meet your specific dental office needs.

Our expertise includes:
  • Employee training and development—We have training programs ready and waiting for your business, such as HIPAA, Preventing Workplace Discrimination & Harassment, and Health & Safety in the Workplace
  • Employee relations—Let us help you improve employee loyalty and workplace productivity, which are key contributors to organically building your business reputation
  • Recruiting and staffing—An average hire can take between 40–60 hours of your time for the full hiring cycle. We provide full-service recruiting and staffing to find the ideal candidate to enrich your business
  • Benefit administration—Outsourcing your benefit administration will provide you with extra time to grow your business and peace of mind knowing that your employees are receiving accurate benefits. 

Special Offers, Promotions, Discounts, and Benefits

MDS members will receive a 20% discount on all service packages.

Contact HR2fit

We want to hear from you. Contact us at 781.436.5399 or email

We will always respond within one business day.