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Reward yourself for all your hard work and take a journey of a lifetime through AHI Travel.

What We Do

AHI Travel is a creative travel company recognized around the world for its design and operation of deluxe international travel programs.

When you embark upon an AHI Travel program, you will encounter the life, people, history, art, architecture, food, wine, and culture of the regions you visit at a tremendous value. Our expertly planned itineraries balance the benefits of group travel with leisure time, and best of all, you will travel amid the camaraderie of colleagues, alumni, and friends.

How We Can Help You Succeed

AHI Travel understands that dentistry is a demanding career and that dentists need opportunities to get away and relax on their time off. With this in mind, AHI offers deluxe international travel programs so you can take the journey-of-a-lifetime.

Special Offers, Promotions, Discounts and Benefits

In partnership with the ADA, AHI Travel offers exclusive dentists-only travel packages.

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