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The ACA Provider Information

There is a good amount of confusion surrounding the Affordable Care Act (ACA), and if you are a dental practice owner, you may be unclear about how changes to health insurance impact you directly. Are you required to offer health insurance to your employees? That depends on your practice type: The ACA affects small businesses (less than 50 employees) and large businesses (50-plus employees) in different ways. (More than 99 percent of dental practices in Massachusetts are small businesses.) If you do offer a health plan to your staff, what types of coverage must it include?

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What does this mean?

What are the essential health benefits (EHBs)?

What are the pediatric dental benefits for children?

Will these patients have a different benefit card?

Does this mean children who didn't have dental benefits in the past now will have benefits?

Is there a yearly benefit maximum for children in these plans?

Is there a waiting period on pediatric benefits?

When Do These Benefits for Children Begin?

How Do I Bill for Services?

Will I be paid differently?

In the individual market, is dental part of the EHB for children?

How will I know what the cost share responsibility is for the patient?

Is there a maximum a cost share amount for the patient?

What happens when the cost share maximum is reached?

Are there any impacts to the adult coverage?

How does the orthodontia benefit work?

Do I need to participate with Dental Blue to be reimbursed?

Do I need to do anything different?

Additional Questions