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Leadership Academy: Wilding the Power of Leadership

Online: Zoom
Apr 03, 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Individuals in business have the power to bring positive or negative influence into their work and among the people they lead. How you wield this critical leadership responsibility can be the catalyst for the direction you move in the future. This session will guide you through conversations that include establishing yourself as an influencer in leadership, no matter your current title. You will be introduced to and learn about pivotal focus points for your practice's continued growth and success, from refining systems and series, to focusing on top internal and external efforts for optimal impact. The session will dive into tangible applications that you can take back to your practice to use immediately.

Speaker: Carrie Webber, President Jameson Speaks

Learning Objectives:

  • Set a vision for your organization or team
  • Clearly and consistently cast that vision to empower, build, and encourage champions on your team to help lead from within and move toward your vision
  • Effectively set goals and action plans for the pursuit of your vision
  • Stay centered on core values, purpose, and mission to create a healthy environment for continued growth and organizational success