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Task Forces

A Task Force is a group of members selected by the MDS President to address a specific problem or accomplish a specific goal in support of the strategic plan. Task Forces are given specific charge(s) to accomplish and are created on an “as needed” basis. Task Forces sunset when the charges have been accomplished. Learn more about the charges and responsibilities of each Task Force below.

Board Manual Review Task Force

The Board Manual Review Task Force was created in July 2021 by MDS President Dr. Meredith Bailey.

Communications Task Force

The Communications Task Force was created in July 2021 by MDS President Dr. Meredith Bailey.

COVID-19 Resurgence Task Force

MDS President Dr. MaryJane Hanlon appointed a task force in August 2020 to develop a plan to help keep dental offices and clinics in Massachusetts open should there be a resurgence of COVID-19 cases.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Task Force

To this date, the MDS admits that it has not done enough within our own organization and profession to ensure diversity and inclusivity. This failure does not go unrecognized, and that is why we are announcing a task force to develop a robust policy in this area and to assist with ongoing conversations with members regarding equity and racial justice.

Governance Task Force

In 2018, then-President Howard Zolot appointed a Governance Implementation Task Force to continue the mission to propel the Society forward with this governance transition. Under the leadership of Chair Dr. Mina Paul, the Task Force was charged with creating the governance implementation plan. The plan calls for a two-year phase-in, which when completed in 2021, will result in a nimble Board of Trustees consisting of six Regional Trustees, one At-Large Trustee, President, Vice President, Immediate Past President, Secretary, Treasurer,* Speaker of the House,* and Executive Director.* The size of the House of Delegates has also been reduced and the Annual Session will now convene in January of each year instead of the previous June timeframe.