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MDS Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan of the Massachusetts Dental Society outlines the direction for the Society. This plan addresses both current and future issues that affect Massachusetts dentists and patient care. In 2019, the MDS Board of Trustees revised the Mission, Vision Statement, and Strategic Plan for the Society to the following:


To be the most trusted resource and advocate for oral health in Massachusetts.


To improve oral and overall health of the Commonwealth through member engagement.

Goals and Objectives

  1. Infrastructure: Build the organizational capacity, resources, including financial resources, and structure that meets the current and future demands of the Society
    1. Implement the new governance structure
    2. Increase participation in Foundation giving
    3. Increase non-dues revenue streams
    4. Implement policies to recruit and retain talented staff while aligning staff structure with strategic objectives

  2. Value and Relevance: Deliver exceptional value to support our members' needs
    1. Develop a mentoring program for young dentists
    2. Improve the financial success of Yankee by enhancing the attendee experience
    3. Offer programs/education for targeted membership groups
    4. Expand CE offerings

  3. Member Engagement: Create meaningful engagement opportunities throughout the membership continuum
    1. Promote personal connections to fuel engagement (i.e., new members, passive members, and non-members)
    2. Target programming to members at each stage in their career
    3. Establish and promote pathways into MDS and District leadership positions
    4. Support participation at the District level

  4. Advocacy: Serve as the most trusted oral health advocate for the Commonwealth
    1. Support legislation promoting oral health in Massachusetts
    2. Develop partnerships with external stakeholders to help advance oral health legislative efforts
    3. Increase dental visits for residents of the Commonwealth
    4. Coordinate grassroots events within each District
    5. Increase participation in MDS Foundation giving and grant programs
    6. Publicize community service by MDS members
    7. Improve the image of dentists and the MDS