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Dr. Divya Mudumba

Divya Mudumba, DMD, Guest Board Member

Divya Mudumba, DMD FICD, FPFA, Massachusetts Dental Society Guest Board Member. Trained as a pediatric dentist in India, Divya Mudumba, DMD, graduated from the Boston University Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine in 2020. She practiced general dentistry in Western Massachusetts for almost two years before transitioning into her own practice in Pittsfield in late 2022. As a new solo practice owner, she is most surprised at how lonely the profession can be if you are not a part of organized dentistry. Dr. Mudumba feels fortunate that her peers in the MDS Berkshires District Dental Society have given her the social and professional support she needs as a new practice owner. “I have been lucky to find a super collaborative and friendly group in the Berkshires,” she explained. She also serves as the MDS Berkshire District vice-chair.

Growing up in India in a military family, Dr. Mudumba had the opportunity to travel around the country, which has made her adaptable and open to new places and experiences. She also suffered from dental anxiety and fear as a child due to unpleasant dental experiences. The transformation from being fearful of the dentist to becoming a dentist can be attributed to one caring dental experience with her childhood dentist. Because of her history, Dr. Divya is keenly aware of dental anxiety and makes every effort to alleviate that feeling for her patients.

Described by friends as highly energetic and sociable, Dr. Mudumba loves to spend her spare time sketching charcoal portraits, traveling with family, and reading, sometimes consuming up to 10 books a month. Because her work can be stressful, every day ends with a wind-down session on her favorite application, Calm, before heading home for dinner with her husband and children. “It’s challenging being a new practice owner, and I owe my peace of mind to my husband, who helps with the administrative tasks at the practice,” she shared. If she hadn’t become a dentist, Dr. Mudumba would have followed her creative passion and worked in music or the creative arts.

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