The Massachusetts Dental Society produces three highly respected and award-winning publications. The quarterly Journal of the Massachusetts Dental Society includes clinical and practice management articles and the bi-monthly MDS Connection, a digital member newsletter, covers licensure, regulatory, and practice management topics, as well as MDS initiatives and updates to help member dentists improve their daily practice and plan their careers. The semi-annual Word of Mouth is a consumer newsletter that aims to educate the dental patient on the importance of oral health with timely articles on dental conditions and oral hygiene that affect their health.

Word of Mouth

WOM Winter Spring 2018 cover
Word of Mouth
WOM Winter Spring 2018 cover

Winter-Spring 2018

FLOSSophy® 101

The oral health lesson plan for children includes how often to brush their teeth (twice a day with fluoride toothpaste) and when to visit the dentist (twice a year for checkups and dental cleanings). But brushing and dental cleanings aren’t the only important items on the anticavity curriculum. One other oral health habit on the list goes a long way to achieving your optimum oral health: flossing. The Massachusetts Dental Society’s Dental FLOSSophy® educates children on the importance of flossing every day and demonstrates the proper way to floss.

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