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Learn about the danger of smokeless tobacco and some tips on quitting.

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Dental Health Information For Allundefined

Receive information for  non-English speaking populations with important oral health information.

Mouths in All Tongues

Oral Health Is Overall Health

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The MDS's publication Oral Health is Overall Health focuses on the importance of regular oral care and how it relates to your physical health.

Oral Health Is Overall Health
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Patient Treatment Concerns?

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If you're not satisfied or have an issue with the treatment you received from your dentist, the MDS can help. 

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The MDS is Your Connection to Care

The Massachusetts Dental Society is working hard to address the state's access to care issue by collaborating with strategic partners to help individuals receive dental care they might otherwise go without. Some partners include:

  •  Community Health Centers 
  •  Head Start Partnership 
  •  Nursing Home Project 


 Find A Dentist
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Search the MDS Member Directory to find a dentist. You can search by city or town or zip code, and further narrow down your search using other criteria, including type of dentist, such as general dentist or orthodontist, and foreign languages spoken.


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  Create A Dental Home

Dental Home

A“DENTAL HOME” refers to continous, comprehensive oral health care that is delivered in a setting by a licensed dentist to infants, children, young adults, and those with special needs. The AAPD states that children who have a dental home are more likely to receive appropriate preventive and routine oral health care.

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MassHealth Adult Benefits Expanded as of March 1, 2014

The Massachusetts State Legislature has made the decision to reinstate restoration benefits for MassHealth adult members (ages 21 and over) effective March 1, 2014. All MassHealth dental program adult members will now coverage for diagnostic and preventive services (such as routine dental check-ups, cleanings, and X-rays), extractions, emergency treatment, and all dental fillings.

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Links to Access to Care Resources

Below, find more resources about access to care in Massachusetts.

  • MassHealth Dental Information
  • NERB Patient Lottery
  • Listing of Community Health Centers and Low-Cost Dental Clinics

    Information on Dental Insurance

    Whether you are choosing a dental benefits plan through your employer, currently enrolled in a dental benefits plan, evaluating a dental plan for your employees, or looking to purchase an individual dental plan, the MDS can help you:

    • Understand your dental plan
    • Answer questions
    • Manage your dental costs
    • Reduce your dental expenses
    Dental Insurance Information