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Community Health Centers and Dental Clinics

Oral health is an important part of overall health, so it is important for all Massachusetts residents to have access to quality dental care. Many clinics and community health centers (CHCs) offer reduced rates on dental care for patients who do not have insurance.

Accessing Reduced-Cost Dental Care

Dentists provide care through 36 community health centers at 57 sites throughout Massachusetts. In total, community health centers provide dental services to more than 187,000 Massachusetts residents each year. Since 2012, community health centers have opened at least 14 new dental sites and significantly expanded their dental workforce, including a 61% increase in full-time dentists, to meet the Commonwealth's oral health needs. Today, health centers serve 1 in 5 adults who access dental care with MassHealth fee-for-service coverage.

Download a list of Massachusetts community health centers and clinics with reduced-cost dental programs, or contact the Massachusetts League of Community Health Centers.