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Targeted Grants

Targeted Grants

The MDS Foundation's Targeted Grants provide funding to organizations or programs that want to increase access to dental care on a smaller scale than the larger Access to Care Grants. Targeted Grants are limited to $2,000 and are open to public organizations.

Targeted Grant Guidelines

Organizations or programs that wish to request funding for an activity that aligns with the MDS Foundation Mission Statement may submit a request for funding up to $2,000.

There is no formal application process for requesting a Targeted Grant; however, a letter on organization letterhead describing the proposed project is required. The letter should include:

  • Requested grant amount (up to $2,000) and itemization of how the grant funds will be spent
  • Purpose and duration of the project
  • Objectives and planned activities
  • How progress or success will be measured

Organizations/programs, in accepting the grant, must agree to provide the MDS Foundation with a written report on the use of the funds within one year of receiving the grant.

All grant requests may be submitted via email to, or submitted via mail to:

The MDS Foundation
Two Willow Street
Southborough, MA 01745


Supported Oral Health Projects

Examples of oral health projects supported by the MDS Foundation include, but are not limited to:
  • Increasing access to oral care for low-income families and children
  • Increasing access to oral care for infirm or elderly residents of Massachusetts
  • Increasing access to oral care for children and adults with developmental disabilities or special needs
  • Supporting community outreach programs, community health centers, and public health settings seeking to increase access to oral care for local community residents
  • Other programs not listed above that clearly demonstrate methods for increasing access to oral health care for vulnerable populations