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Crown Healthcare Apparel Service

Crown Healthcare Apparel Service inspires confidence in its customers by providing efficient and cost-effective medical apparel with a personal touch.  For over 100 years, we have remained a family owned company committed to building lasting, meaningful relationships with our customers. Crown has been servicing the New England dental community for decades offering customized programs across the region to over 500 dental practices.
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What We Do

We provide fresh, pressed, clean, and comfortably fitting apparel on a weekly basis. Our lab coats and scrubs are hygienically cleaned, neatly pressed, and delivered on a hanger for daily use. All of our apparel and linens are processed in our state-of-the-art laundry operation in Brockton. This award-winning Green Facility is fully accredited by the Healthcare Laundry Accreditation Council and Clean Green Certified by the Textile Rental Service Association. 

We offer:

  • Lab coats, scrubs, and warm-up jackets
  • Personalized apparel specific to your practice and bar coded for tracking
  • Branded dental practice logos
  • Embroidery and emblem options
  • Lab coat and scrub pressing
  • Free upgrades and replacements for normal wear and tear 
  • Entrance mats and anti-fatigue mats for cleanliness and floor safety

How We Can Help You Succeed

  • Dental practice compliance with OSHA standards
  • Limited occupational exposure risk
  • A safe dentistry practice for employees and patients 
  • Reinforced credibility, a sense of teamwork, and respect for practice management
  • Crown’s service team ensures regulatory compliance by providing customized safe solutions for handling bloodborne pathogens for each of its dental practice customers
  • Learn more from Crown's white paper, How to Choose a Laundry Solution for Your Dental Practice in the Post-COVID World

Special Offers, Promotions, Discounts, and Benefits

  • A program discount of 3% for all new MDS members who become Crown customers
  • A program discount of 1% for all existing Crown customers who are MDS members
  • A program discount of an additional 2% for all existing Crown customers who are MDS members who renew their five-year contract with Crown 

Contact Crown

Email for more information about Crown.

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