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Winter-Spring 2015


Winter-Spring 2015 WOM Cover 


Summer-Fall 2014



X-Ray Marks the Spot    

The Affordable Care Act and You: Got Coverage?  

This Holiday Season: Eat, Drink, and Be Very Good to Your Teeth 

Running Your Mouth  

Oral Conditions Can Be a Pain in the Head  

   Tooth "Picks" 
WOM SF14_Cover 


Winter-Spring 2014

Bring in Da Brush, Bring in Da Fun  


Oral Care for Patients with MS   

Word of Mouth Word Search   


The MDS Celebrates its 150th Anniversary  


Your Teeth Are What You Eat   


Tooth "Picks"   


  Getting "Real" About Tobacco
WOM WS14_Cover 




Summer-Fall 2013

Summer Smile Safety Tips  


Breaking Bad (Breath)   

Word of Mouth Word Search   


Smile-friendly Snacks for Childrens Backpacks  


Lip Cancer & Blood Pressure: No Lip Service   


Share and Share Alike?   


 Tooth "Picks"


WOM Summer-Fall 2013 Cover





Winter-Spring 2013

Guess Who? Celebrity Smiles  


Winterize Your Teeth  

Word of Mouth Word Search   


Take a "Crack" at Keeping Your Teeth Healthy  


Americans Are "D" Students in Oral Health   


 Don't Dread the Dental Chair   


To Be or Not to Be—That Is the Question   


  Tooth "Picks"


WOM Winter-Spring 2013 Cover


Summer-Fall 2012

"Baby" Those Teeth


 Dental X-rays: Safe and Sound   

 Diabetes Super Team   

 Mouthguards Keep You on the Field and Out of the Dental Chair 


 Oral Care for Cancer Patients   

 Back-to-School Oral Exam 


 Tooth "Picks" 

WOM Summer Fall 2012 Cover


Winter-Spring 2012

HPV and the Changing Face of Oral Cancer


Whitening: Too Much of a Good Thing?


Play Ball? Floss Teeth!

Healthy Smiles Across the "Spectrum"—Oral Health Care for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder  

Tongue Tied


Is Your Toothpaste Past its Prime?


Dry Mouth Is No Joke


Tooth "Picks"




Summer-Fall 2011

Hormones and Periodontal Disease: It's a Girl Thing


Oral Health by the Numbers


The Truth About Cleaning "False Teeth"


Gummy Vitamins: A Sticky Subject


Bay State Residents Talk Teeth


Floss: Nothing Silly About This String


Retainers: Keep 'Em Straight 


Tooth "Picks"






Winter-Spring 2011

Word of Mouth Turns 10


Actor Draws Attention to Oral Cancer


Hit the Dentist's Chair for a Good Night's Sleep


Saliva: Nothing to Spit At


Fluoride Is "Elemental" to Good Dental Health


Crowning Glory


Tooth "Picks"


WS11_WOM Cover




Summer-Fall 2010

Pierce Out


It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year—
For a Dental Checkup


Joints Stiff? Check Your Gums


Women Close the Oral Cancer Gender Gap


Where There's No Smoke, There's Still Fire


White Lightening


Is Your Baby Hitting the Bottle Too Much?







Winter-Spring 2010


Students: Does Your Dental Diet Make the Grade?


Dental Stem Cells: Cutting Edge or Weird Science?


Don't Chew on This


Hoarse Sense


TMJ: More Than a Mouthful


Insurance for Your Teeth in Tough Times


Tooth "Picks"






Summer-Fall 2009


Got Dentist?


Dental Denial: Smokeless Tobacco Is Safer Than Cigarettes


A Healthy Mouth Starts With Good Vision


An Inconvenient Tooth


Baby Talk


Smile Safety Tips for Summer Swimmers


Survey Says


Tooth "Picks"


Summer-Fall 2009 cover



Winter-Spring 2009


Great Expectations: Pregnancy and Your Oral Health 


Sedation Nation


Kid's-Eye View


Do You Dairy?


When It Comes to Tooth Whitening, Shoppers Beware


Basketball Players: Be on Guard When it Comes to Protecting Your Smile 


Tooth "Picks"


Put Some Pep in Your Step—Not Your Sip 


Protect Your Kids From the Daily Grind 


WinterSpring 09 Cover




Summer-Fall 2008


Preschool Dental Care: Big Lessons for Little Mouths


Fighting Tooth and Nail to Preserve Your Oral Health


Lip Cancer Is Not Something to "Gloss" Over


Fluoride: Not Just Kid Stuff


Your Mouth: It's What's Inside That Counts


Tooth Erosion: Are Your Teeth Wearing Thin?


Study History Before Taking Your Oral Exam


Team Players


Tools of the Trade


SF08 Cover



Winter-Spring 2008


A Healthy Mouth and a Healthy Earth:
Something to Smile About


A Spoonful of Sugar Makes
the Risk of Cavities Go Up


Cures for the Common Cold for Your Teeth


Getting to the "Root" of Endodontic Therapy


Fear Not


Eating Away at Your Oral Health


Stress-Proof Your Mouth


Boning Up on Osteoporosis and Your Oral Health


Filling the Gap


Do Your Teeth Need a Spring Cleaning?

Winter-Spring 2008 Cover




Summer-Fall 2007


A Healthy Mouth Can Mean a Healthier You


Two-Minute Warning


A Hard Habit to Break


Taking Proper Care of Your Dentures


Say "Boo" to Chewy Candy


Bridges: Connecting You to Better Oral Health


Smokeless Tobacco Is a Losing Game


The Straight Scoop


Dental X-Rays Go Digital


MAC Van Continues on a Roll






Winter-Spring 2007

Thinking About Going Green With Your Toothpaste?


Put That Grinding to a Halt


The Right Formula for Your Baby's Bottle


Sore Subject


Sealed With a Film


Diabetes and Your Oral Health


Don't Get Burned by the Grill


Mobile Access to Care Van Is Here!


Word to the Wise


Winter Spring 2007 Cover




Summer-Fall 2006

Taking a Closer Look at Oral Cancer


Mouthguards Help Athletes Avoid the School of
Hard Knocks


Bristle While You Work


Don't Be So Sensitive


Let It Roll!


Top 10 Ways to Get Your Child to Brush Twice a Day


Take Your Medicine—But Know How it Affects
Your Oral Health


When it Comes to Teeth Whitening, Age Should
Come Before Beauty


Tooth "Picks"


Summer-Fall 2006 Cover




Winter-Spring 2006

Just Chew It


You Don't Have to Lose Sleep Over Snoring


Taking the "Fear Factor" Out of a Child's Dental Visit


Keep Brushing "on the Tip of Your Tongue"


Here Comes the Sun—And Maybe Healthier Teeth


Don't Leave Your Mouth in Flames


The Hard Line on Soft Drinks


Implants Filling the Toothless Gap


The "Bzzzzzz" on Power Toothbrushes


Winter Spring 2006 Cover




Summer-Fall 2005

Brush With Fame


Metal Mouth No More


Don't Let Sports Drinks Leave a Bad Taste in
Your Mouth


Veneers: A Facelift for Your Teeth


Are Your Lips Sealed?


Children With Down Syndrome More Susceptible
to Gum Disease


A First Aid Kit for Your Mouth

Summer-Fall 2005 Cover




Winter-Spring 2005

The Tooth About Your Diet


Is a Low-Carb Diet Taking Your Fresh Breath Away?


Is Your Toothbrush Sick?


Do Mouth Rinses Really Make a Splash?


Brushing Up on Kids' Toothbrushing Skills


Full Denture Disclosure


What's in a Question?


Going for the Gold


What's Your Flossophy?

Winter Spring 2005 Cover


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