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The Massachusetts Dental Society (MDS) Political Action Committee (MDS-PAC) is an independent, non-partisan, political organization solely dedicated to the advancement of the dental profession. With your help, the MDS-PAC is able to support candidates for elected office, attend fundraisers, and build relationships with political candidates. This ensures that the best candidates for dentistry are elected. Only the MDS-PAC, not the MDS, is allowed to participate in the election process. Legally the MDS is prohibited from using dues to support political candidates. That is why you need to make a contribution to the MDS-PAC today. Without your support, the MDS-PAC cannot work towards protecting the interest of dentistry at the state house while ensuring informed decisions are made on Beacon Hill. Support dentistry, contribute today!


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  MDS-PAC/MDS-People's Committee Executive Board 
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Without the support of our contributors, the MDS-PAC would not be able to promote the profession of dentistry through the electoral process. To view a list of our Governor's Club and Beacon Hill Club members, click here!

If you have not yet made your contribution for this fiscal year (November 1-October 31), contribute TODAY!



MDS-PAC/MDS-People's Committee Board of Directors 

The MDS-PAC/MDS-People's Committee Board of Directors is comprised of volunteer dentists representing each District. To view the complete list of Directors and their responsibilities, visit the MDS-PAC/MDS-People's Committee Board of Directors Page

Upcoming Meetings

All meetings take place at the MDS headquarters in Southborough at 6:30 p.m., unless otherwise noted. 

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MDS-PAC/MDS-People's Committee

MDS-PAC/MDS-People's CommitteeBecome an MDS-PAC/

MDS-People's Committee member and join your colleagues in supporting pro-oral health candidates and initiatives.

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The MDS asks all delegates to download the HOD Compilation.

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