Mouths in All Tongues

Dental Health Information for Non-English Speaking Populations

Mouths in All Tongues® is designed to provide non-English speaking populations with timely information on important oral health issues. This program is an opportunity to address the problem of access by taking steps to encourage non-English speaking residents to seek care by providing them with important dental health information in their own language.

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Available Publications


A Healthly Toothousand and Beyond®


Teaches children about the importance of nutrition, visiting the dentist regularly, brushing and flossing, and mouthguards.

Mouths of Babes



Educates parents on oral health for newborns and toddlers;  including first visit, baby bottle tooth decay, teething,  and pacifier use.


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The condition of your oral health plays a very important role in your overall health, and poor oral health can be a sign of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, premature births, and osteoporosis. Research more about your oral health by searching the Society's Oral Health Topics database. 

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