Mentor Guidelines

Some Basic Understandings

  • A successful mentor-mentee relationship requires careful and sensitive collaboration, cooperation, and commitment.
  • Not all relationships will work from the start. Some may need to be re-worked. That’s okay. We want all mentor and all mentees to find value in this program.
  • To be fair from the start, this program is not about trying to sell your practice. It is strictly for you to lend your support and insight, and to meet fellow colleagues.
  • Realize that the younger generations are very into technology. Some may only wish to engage via email/text. Others may want to speak by phone or meet face to face. Based on preferences, we will do our best to match people. Please bear this in mind. 
  • The more you put into this, the more you will enjoy it!

The First Meeting

  • Handshake PhotoMake the first contact—by phone or email.
  • Schedule your first meeting with your mentee.
  • Discuss the goals and expectations for the mentor-mentee relationship.
  • Review activities you can explore together. 
  • Let the mentee know that your door is always open to him/her.
  • Schedule a future time to meet/activity to do.

Suggested Activities for Mentors and Mentees

  • Attend a local district dental society meeting or an MDS committee meeting with your mentee.
  • Invite your mentee to your office to observe you "in action."
  • Meet your mentee for coffee, lunch, or dinner.
  • Introduce your mentee to others in your social or professional network.
  • Attend an ASDA event at your mentee’s school.
  • Arrange an outing, such as golf, theater, sporting event, or other mutual interest.
  • Check in with your mentee via email or phone on a regular basis to see if he/she has any questions.
  • Discuss possible ethical and professional dilemmas you may have had.

Mentor Orientation Video

If you are thinking about becoming a mentor for another dentist or dental student, or if you have already signed up to become a mentor, please watch the mentor orientation video. Contact Lisa Davis at (800) 342-8747 ext. 207 with any questions or concerns.

Getting to Know You Background Information Form

Three Important Things to Remember

  • MentorYou are the mentor—the one to set the precedent
  • It's okay if you don't know all the answers
  • Have fun!

If the mentor-mentee relationship is not working out, you may confidentially contact Lisa Davis at (800) 342-8747, ext. 207.



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Ten Reasons to Mentor

10. No matter your level of experience, you are qualified to share your knowledge and expertise.
9. You can provide support at a time when dental students and new dentists need it most.
8. You will be helping to shape the future of dentistry.
7. Mentorship is rewarding.
6. You can learn new things about the dental profession.
5. You will create new networking opportunities within the profession.
4. Mentorship improves self-esteem.
3. You will be making the most of your Massachusetts Dental Society membership by taking advantage of this new initiative.
2. You will serve as a teacher, role model, advisor, and friend to a colleague.
1. You will have the opportunity to change someone's life.

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