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Journal of the Massachusetts Dental Society

The award-winning Journal of the Massachusetts Dental Society is published quarterly and contains a variety of articles on treatment methods, clinical diagnosis, medical and dental research, and professional and business information of interest to dentists.

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A shift has happened in the dental practice model: Millennials graduating from
dental school are seeking new approaches to practicing dentistry and serving the
public in a way that matches their values and financial goals. Pressures such as student
debt are limiting graduates’ ability to start solo practices, while employment
opportunities within larger practices are enabling them to achieve their goals.

    Fall 2014 Journal of the MDS

Fall 2014

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Word of Mouth

Published twice annually, Word of Mouth is a consumer publication created as an avenue to communicate important dental health information to the public. Articles in Word of Mouth come from dental health care professionals of the American Dental Society and the Massachusetts Dental Society, as well as other sources.


Stress is something we all face at one time or another, but does cramming for a test or feeling the pressure of bills really wear on our oral health as well as our nerves? Stress has already been linked to many serious health conditions, including heart disease and stroke, and now it seems that stress has been caught—this time red-gummed—in yet another unsavory act of hostility upon our bodies: gum disease. One recent Tufts University study claims that emotional stress contributes to gum disease because of its inflammation-causing effects.

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  Summer-Fall 2014

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MDS Connection

Published six times annually, the MDS Connection is a great source to stay informed of state and federal legislative issues, actions taken by the Board of Trustees, and Council and Committee activities. Each issue contains valuable classified ad listings, announcements of new membership benefits, and special programs.

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September-October 2014

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