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Grin and Wear It

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dentists who have volunteered to provide students with custom-made mouthguards for a discounted or nominal fee.

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Patient Treatment Concerns?

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If you're not satisfied or have an issue with the treatment you received from your dentist, the MDS can help. 

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Looking for MassHealth?

Utilize the MassHealth’s network to find a provider near you.

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Designed specifically for children, this site teaches about the importance of good oral health habits through fun activities and programs.

February is National Children's Dental Health Month

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Tooth Be Told: Get the Facts

  • What to do when a tooth is knocked out
  • A Healthy TOOTHousand and Beyond

    Health Tooth


    Just for Fun

    Tell the Tooth ADA GamePlay the ADA’s new game, “To Tell the Tooth with Al Smiles!” Pick the correct answer to dental health-related questions to make Al smile.
    Play To Tell the Tooth