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I.C. System is the Dental Collection Specialists and the “member-services” agency recommended by 500 professional societies. I.C. System collects millions annually for dentists, offering clients recorded phone calls, and a variety of “soft” thru intensive custom collection programs. As a MDS member, you can receive the following benefits with this MDS Affinity Program:

  • UP TO 62% OFF standard Recovery Plus® letter pricing. Recovery Plus® is a two‐phase program for protecting patient relationships while leveraging our third‐party involvement. I.C. System will mail diplomatic letters on your behalf for a FLAT FEE per debt; and you keep 100% of recoveries. 
  • WAIVED $350 up‐front fee on Premier Collect contingency program. Premier Collect® contingency collection program utilizes third‐party collection letters/calls and various optional services (such as national credit bureau reporting) to recover your money.


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