Dentist Health and Wellness Committee

Meeting Dates

Committee Meetings
For information regarding meetings for members of the Dentist Health and Wellness Committee, please contact Dr. Alan Budd at (800) 468-2004

Peer Support Group Meetings

The Dentist Health and Wellness Committee welcomes any dentist seeking confidential information or support for a problem with substance use. For information, directions, and a meeting schedule, visit the Dentist Health and Wellness Committee website.

Health and Wellness Program


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Primary Responsibilities

The Dentist Health and Wellness Committee is composed of at least six volunteer dentists appointed by the President. Their responsibility is to:

  • Develop an effective informational and educational program to aid and assist the dental membership who voluntarily seek out services for a better and improved quality of life at a confidential and peer level.
  • Provide assistance, education, and information on issues related to dentists’s well-being and substance abuse.



Minutes and Materials

Questions or comments concerning the Committee can be directed to the Committee Chair at or 800.468.2004.


Review Bylaws



Officers, Members, and Consultants




Sean Rayment, DMD, DSC


 James Morrison, DMD

Charles F. Mahoney, DMD



Alan S. Budd, DMD

Alice Cheng, DDS

Edward Widronak, DDS







Helping Dentists With Chemical Dependency

Dentist Health and Wellness Comm

Confidentiality and Anonymity Assured