Getting Your Child to Brush

The Top 10 Ways to Get Your Child to Brush

Below are some tips (and tricks) on how you can make your child's brushing routine at home more fun!


  • 1. Let your child pick out a fun, new colorful soft-bristled toothbrush. If your child is ready for noises and vibrations, buy him or her a battery-powered brush.

  • 2. When picking out a new toothbrush, help your child choose different flavors of toothpaste. “This week’s flavor is ______!”

  • 3. Use music to make it fun! A song lasts two to three minutes. Have your child brush until a song ends. You can also use a sand timer.

  • 4. Use your child’s favorite doll or superhero and invite your child to brush the doll’s teeth before brushing his or her own.

  • 5. Create a brushing chart. Each night, a sticker is placed on the chart after brushing and flossing are complete. A small reward is given at the end of each month.

  • 6. “Let’s share.” Your child brushes half of his or her teeth and then mom or dad will brush the rest.

  • 7. Have your child brush after dinner or before a favorite television show. In this way, children don’t have to wait until bedtime—when they are tired.

  • 8. Parents need to be role models. Kids will follow your actions more than your words. It’s important that children see parents brush and floss regularly.

  • 9. Make it fun. Parents need to show children that brushing is an enjoyable thing to do rather than a chore. Let your child brush your teeth and laugh out loud while they are doing it.

  • 10. Enthusiasm is contagious! Praise children for doing a good job. Tell them how awesome and shiny their teeth look. Tell them to show off their smile.


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