Dental Emergencies


What To Do If A Tooth is Knocked Out

More than five million teeth are knocked out each year through sports injury, accident, or play. Saving a tooth depends entirely on what is done within the first 30 to 60 minutes after the incident.  If a tooth is knocked out:

1. Do not handle the tooth by the root.


2. Do not brush or scrub the tooth. If debris is on the tooth, gently rinse with water.


3. If possible, replant the tooth by biting down gently on a towel or handkerchief. If unable to replant, place the tooth in cold milk, water, or wrap the tooth in a saline soaked gauze.


4. Contact your dentist immediately. Replantation with in 30 minutes has the best rate of success.


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And remember, mouthguards greatly reduce the risk and severity of mouth injuries. The Massachusetts Dental Society recommends that mouthguards be worn when participating in any contact sport where injury to the mouth can occur.

The MDS Grin and Wear It program offers athletes and their parents a low cost means to obtaining a mouthguard through a participating dentist.


Treating Other Emergencies

Many dental injuries need immediate attention. Read the MDS Word of Mouth article "In the Event of a Dental Emergency" for information.

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