S. 1216 - An Act Relative to Dental Auxiliaries

Sponsor: Senator Harriette L. Chandler

  • This bill, sponsored by the MDS, takes a progressive approach and comprehensive perspective in creating the necessary steps to train the dental workforce for tomorrow by using a blend of work experience, training, and continuing education courses.
  • MDS's bill integrates BORID into the process and places ultimate responsibility on the licensing authority to determine the appropriate number of continuing education courses and other requirements to progress through the career pathways.
  • If enacted, S. 1216 would create new dental assistant classifications: Registered Dental Assistants and Expanded Function Dental Assistants.
  • It would also create a new dental hygienist classification: Expanded Function Dental Hygienist, which could be achieved by completing a continuing education course approved by BORID.
  • Registered Dental Assistants, Certified Dental Assistants, and Expanded Function Dental Assistants would be considered "Dental Assistants with Advanced Training," and, therefore be required to complete continuing education courses and pay a biennial fee.
  • The Society's bill enhances the "dental team" concept in delivery of care and seeks to expand dental care in the traditional (dental offices) and alternative (public health settings) models while ensuring that the dental team is appropriately trained and supervised.
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