10 Benefits

Ten Ways to Benefit From an MDS Membership

The delivery and business side of dentistry is rapidly changing.  Embrace these changes by taking advantage of organized dentistry’s experience and resources.  The following is a list of how membership with the Massachusetts Dental Society can help you succeed:

1. Interact with colleagues.  Despite the increase in email and Web technology for communication purposes, face-to-face interaction is not extinct. The MDS, the ADA, and your local district are primary resources to connect with colleagues to discuss clinical and management issues that affect dentistry or your practice.


2. Sharpen your skills.  By attending MDS continuing education (CE) seminars or conferences, including the annual Yankee Dental Congress, you will stay on top of your professional game.  Take advantage of the low-cost, high-quality educational opportunities offered by your district, the MDS, and the ADA, and update your clinical and business management skills for the new millennium.


3. Participate in personalized insurance.  The Massachusetts Dental Society Insurance Services, Inc. (MDSIS) and Eastern Dentists Insurance Companies (EDIC and EDIA) offers you personal service and group rates on professional and personal insurance.  EDIC’s professional liability coverage is exclusive for dentists, ensuring that your premium remains low.  EDIA offers a full line of professional and personal insurances, and MDSIS offers health, disability, travel, and identity theft products.


4. Practical support.  Staff members from the MDS and the ADA are available by phone or email to offer you personal assistance in conforming to current laws and regulations.


5. Keep up with new laws and regulations.  Government laws and regulations have a growing impact on dentistry.  As a dentist, you do not always have the time and resources to keep up-to-date on what’s happening on Beacon Hill or in Washington.  Regular updates from the MDS and the ADA can keep you informed about current legislative and regulatory issues affecting your bottom line.  In addition, staff members are available by phone or email to offer you personal assistance on current laws and regulations.


6. Legislative representation.  While individuals can impact the political process, political clout today is found in numbers.  More than 83 percent of all active dentists in Massachusetts are MDS members, making it the largest and most respected voice in the state.  Your membership increases our market share and our impact at congressional hearings and meetings with major policymakers.


7. Receive frequent updates on trends.  Change occurs at such a fast pace, it's difficult keeping track of the latest clinical techniques and trends.  However, through publications, educational sessions, and Web sites, you’ll hear about the newest innovations and never question whether you're behind the times.  With this information, you can do your job more efficiently.


8. Increase your clout and credibility.  Organized dentistry is a great place to start building a name for yourself.  Staying involved in activities at the MDS, the ADA, or your local district will certainly enhance your career.


9. Anticipate and prepare for your future.  Organized dentistry envisions how the profession will look in the coming years.  While you’re focusing on maintaining your daily practices, the MDS and the ADA are looking at the future and offer you up-to-date information to assist you in capitalizing on new opportunities.


10. Save time and money. Don't reinvent the wheel.  When seeking ideas and know-how about specific management issues, the MDS, the ADA, and your local district have the tools and resources to point you in the right direction, saving you valuable time and money.  In addition, take advantage of various business and personal products and services offered by the MDS and the ADA.