2013-2014 Governor's Club and Beacon Hill Club Members

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The MDS-PAC/MDS-People's Committee Board of Directors greatly appreciates the financial commitment of the following contributors and acknowledges their dedication to the MDS governmental affairs activities.


2013-2014  Governor's Club Members

The following individuals contributed $500 to MDS-PAC at the Governor's Club level from November 2013 through October 2014:


Dr. William J. Bontempi, Valley
Dr. Ronald M. Chaput, Merrimack Valley
Dr. John P. Fisher, North Shore
Dr. Donald E. Kowalski, North Shore
Dr. Mary H. Kreitzer, Valley
Dr. Seth D. Latimer, Cape Cod
Dr. Pat Machalinski, Middlesex
Dr. Raymond K. Martin, Southeastern
Dr. Stephen W. McKenna, Valley

Dr. Harry B. Messier, South Shore
Dr. Richard T. Miller, Merrimack Valley
Dr. David S. Samuels, Merrimack Valley
Dr. Anthony J. Sciuto, Merrimack Valley
Dr. Charles L. Silvius, North Metropolitan
Dr. Hamilton M. Sporborg, Cape Cod
Dr. Steven St. Germain, Merrimack Valley
Dr. Jonathan C. Sudol, Valley
Dr. Karl-Martin Wiklund, South Shore
Dr. Howard Zolot, Merrimack Valley

2013-2014 Beacon Hill Club Members

The following individuals contributed $250 to MDS-PAC and MDS-People's Committee at the Beacon Hill Club level from November 2013 through October 2014:

Dr. Mario G. Aboujaoude, Wachusett
Dr. Jeffrey M. Anderson, South Shore
Dr. Robert Baarsvik, Southeast
Dr. Steve R. Bader, Metropolitan
Dr. Richard R. Bankhead, Metropolitan
Dr. David B. Becker, North Metropolitan
Dr. George F. Benoit, Jr., South Shore
Dr. Gerald A. Bloom, Metropolitan
Dr. Alfred M. Bongiorno, Southeastern
Dr. Kenneth L. Bouchard, Wachusett
Dr. James E. Byers, Southeast
Dr. Gregory T. Caldwell, Middlesex
Dr. James S. Cinamon, Metropolitan
Dr. Ryan M. Clancy, East Middlesex
Dr. Brian P. Craven, Valley
Dr. Robert A. Creeden, Cape Cod
Dr. Bernard J. Daly, Merrimack Valley
Dr. Parviz Darviche, Metropolitan
Dr. Jonathan M. Davis, Metropolitan
Dr. Badri Z. Debian, Valley
Dr. Alan K. DerKazarian, Middlesex
Dr. Mark C. DerKazarian, Middlesex
Dr. Robert DeFrancesco, Middlesex
Dr. John V. Dolbec, South Shore
Dr. Kieran F. Dowd, Middlesex
Dr. Blaise C. Eckert, Middlesex
Dr. Arthur F. Eddy, Wachusett
Dr. Patrick Edmunds, Valley
Dr. Jay M. Epstein, North Shore
Dr. Robert A. Faiella, Cape Cod
Dr. Garry Feldman, Middlesex
Dr. Paul H. Feuerstein, Merrimack Valley
Dr. Paul D. Fitzgerald, South Shore
Dr. Linda M. Fortenberry, Cape Cod
Dr. Robert R. Freccero, South Shore
Dr. Timothy M. Gabe, North Shore
Dr. Lisa Campagna Gamache, Berkshire
Dr. Geraldine C. Garcia-Rogers, Middlesex
Dr. Robert J. Gauthier, Jr., Worcester
Dr. Milton A. Glicksman, Southeastern
Dr. Timothy R. Gresla, Middlesex
Dr. Sergio Guzman, Metropolitan
Dr. Mary Jane Hanlon, Middlesex
Dr. David B. Harte, South Shore
Dr. Timothy J. Hempton, Metropolitan
Dr. N. Peter Hjorth, North Shore
Dr. David M. Hoye, Worcester
Dr. William J. Hoye, Southeast

Dr. James G. Hunt, Valley
Dr. Rocco A. Iocco, North Shore
Dr. Steven E. Janko, Worcester
Dr. Daniel C. Jeong, Merrimack Valley
Dr. W. David Kelly, Worcester
Dr. Matthew W. Knight, North Shore
Dr. James P. Kostas, Middlesex
Dr. Jeffrey G. Latimer, Cape Cod
Dr. Robert S. Leland, South Shore
Dr. Richard Lentini, Merrimack Valley
Dr. Roderick W. Lewin,Wachusett
Dr. Richard LoGuercio, South Shore
Dr. Vincent J. Mariano, Valley
Dr. Jack S. Massarsky, Cape Cod
Dr. Francis R. McCarthy, Merrimack Valley
Dr. Adrien W. Mercier, Jr., Southeast
Dr. Andrew J. Molak, Southeastern
Dr. Regina Mortland, South Shore
Dr. John M. Murphy, South Shore
Dr. Theodore P. Nelson, Wachusett
Dr. Ronald A. Pahl, Valley
Dr. Rebecca L. Perkins, Middlesex
Dr. Kevin D. Perruzzi, South Shore
Dr. John P. Pietrasik, Merrimack Valley
Dr. Tofigh Raayai, East Middlesex
Dr. James B. Reid, Valley
Dr. Andrea Richman, Metropolitan
Dr. Linda Rigali, Valley
Dr. Robert A. Ritucci, South Shore
Dr. Stephen H. Root, Valley
Dr. Todd K. Rowe, Wachusett
Dr. Thomas J. Sakshaug, Berkshire
Dr. Edward Salamoff, Metropolitan
Dr. Albert J. Sandler, Merrimack Valley
Dr. Joseph W. Solomon, East Middlesex
Dr. Jeffrey D. Stone, Merrimack Valley
Dr. Edward Swiderski, Worcester
Dr. Steven Tonelli, East Middlesex
Dr. Thomas A. Trowbridge, Merrimack Valley
Dr. Martin A. Urban, Worcester
Dr. Joseph A. Walz, Valley
Dr. Tina L. Wang, Metropolitan
Dr. Gary Warrington, Middlesex
Dr. Michael H. Wasserman, Berkshire
Dr. Joseph F. Wegiel, Valley
Dr. Martin A. Wohl, Valley
Dr. Peter C. Wright, East Middlesex
Dr. James J. Wu, Merrimack Valley
Dr. Yean Wu Young, South Shore