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Federal and State Labor Law Posters

Federal and Massachusetts laws require all Massachusetts employers to display posters showing federal and state labor laws. While these posters can be obtained at no charge from various governmental agencies, the Council on Dental Practice combined the required posters into two poster, one federal and one state, making it easier for members to adhere to the labor laws. The posted are laminated and one copy of each is provided to members at no cost. (Additional copies are $20).

Massachusetts Workplace Poster Requirements. Employers in Massachusetts are required to comply with revised labor and employment posting requirements and replace outdated notices. Below is a list of posting requirements for Massachusetts employers. Employers are advised that the list may not include all employer posting requirements for Massachusetts.Labor law posters need to be displayed in an area in your office that is easily visible to your employees. When you receive your own posters, please add the name, address, and policy number of your Worker's Compensation Insurance company to the space on your Massachusetts Department of Industrial Incidents poster.

Below are samples of the poster. Please note that these are too small for display and you can request full-size copies by using the form or by contacting Jennifer Hanlin at (800) 342-8747, ext. 276.

These are the current posters as of May 2015. The MDS will be mailing a revised MA Labor Law poster in June 2015. It is the responsibility of the Dentist/Employer to ensure that you have the most updated labor law information on display in your office.

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