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What is MDS-PAC/MDS-People's Committee?

MDS-PAC/MDS-People's Committee is the political action committee and people's committee of the Massachusetts Dental Society.  MDS-PAC/MDS-People's Committee supports pro-dentistry legislators, candidates, and initiatives in an effort to promote positive public policy, protect the interests of dentistry at the State House, and ensure informed decision making on Beacon Hill.



How does MDS-PAC/MDS-People's Committee help me?

MDS-PAC/MDS-People's Committee is an integral component to MDS' governmental affairs activities.  The Political Action Committee and People's Committee work with the Society to support its legislative agenda and oppose initiatives that would be adverse to our profession.



Does MDS-PAC/MDS-People's Committee receive any support from the MDS?

State campaign finance laws strictly prohibit the MDS from making any monetary contribution or donation to MDS-PAC/MDS-People's Committee.  Therefore, it relies on voluntary contributions from MDS members.



What is the difference between MDS-PAC and MDS-People's Committee?

The difference is in the contribution and expenditure regulations as promulgated by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  A Political Action Committee may accept up to an aggregate of $500 per calendar year from an inidividual while a People's Committee may accept up to an aggregate of $132 per calendar year from an individual.  Additionally, a State Senator can accept a maximum of $18,750 per calendar year from PACs and a State Representative can accept a maximum of $7,500 per calendar year from PACs; there is no aggregate limit on what a State Senator or State Representative can accept from People's Committees.

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