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Oral Health Brochures for Adults and Children

The MDS produces a variety of oral health brochures and information for both adults and children. Below, you will find a large sampling of our materials. Click on the link to open a PDF of each brochure. These can be downloaded, printed, and/or photocopied and distributed at no charge.


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Fluoride Brochure Cover

This informative brochure, Fluoride, educates adults on the benefits of fluoride as it relates to oral health.





Canning Cover  


Canning Tooth Decay educates students, teachers, and parents of the effects that too much soda can have on oral health.




/uploadedImages/Publications/DEN_0003.jpgThe Dental Flossophy educates children on the importance of flossing and demonstrates the proper way to floss.






Grin and Wear It

Grin and Wear It discusses the types of mouthguards available and educates young adults about the importance of mouthguard use during sports.







Healthy TOOTHousand

  A Healthy TOOTHousand and Beyond teaches children about the importance of nutrition, visiting the dentist regularly, brushing and flossing, and wearing mouthguards. This brochure also includes a few fun word games.This brochure is also available in Spanish and Portuguese (cover image looks slightly different for these versions.)

Mouths of Babes The Mouths of Babes educates new parents on the importance of early oral care for infants and toddlers. Topics include brushing and flossing, first dental visits, baby bottle tooth decay, and more. The brochure is also available in Spanish and Portuguese.

/uploadedImages/3_For_the_Public/33_For_Educators_and_Parents/Oral Overall Health Brochure(3).jpg
One of the MDS's most popular brochures, Oral Health is Overall Health focuses on the importance of oral health as it relates to one's physical oral health. The brochures focuses on regular oral care and how it relates to systemic diseases such as diabetes, osteoporosis, heart disease, and more.

Tips On SpitTips on Spit is a program by the MDS to spread the word that smokeless tobacco is not harmless tobacco.