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I.C. System

IC System is a leading member-services collection agency with endorsements from over 450 professional and trade associations/societies.
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What We Do

  • Monthly content sharing with exclusive access to blogs, whitepapers, and infographics (download our PDF guide, Why Nice People Collect Bad Debt)
  • Consumer-friendly collection practices recover your past-due accounts, while also maintaining your consumer relationships (learn How it Works)
  • Comprehensive product offerings no matter your place in the revenue cycle
  • Online tools for complete account activity transparency, reporting, and debt submission
  • Toll-free access to friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful Client Service
  • Webinars featuring collection tips on office management and accounts receivable solutions

How We Can Help You Succeed

Special Offers, Promotions, Discounts and Benefits

UP TO 62% off standard Recovery Plus® letter pricing. Recovery Plus® is a two‐phase program for protecting patient relationships while leveraging our third‐party involvement. I.C. System will mail diplomatic letters on your behalf for a FLAT FEE per debt; and you keep 100% of recoveries. 

Waived $350 up‐front fee on Premier Collect contingency program. Premier Collect® contingency collection program utilizes third‐party collection letters/calls and various optional services (such as national credit bureau reporting) to recover your money.


I.C. System

I.C. System Phone Number: 800.279.3511
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