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MDS Foundation COVID-19 Recovery Fund Program

COVID-19 Recovery Fund

Massachusetts Dental Society (MDS) member dentists have been hit hard financially by the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, the MDS Foundation established the COVID-19 Recovery Fund to support the needs of members and to ensure that communities in the Commonwealth wouldn’t lose access to the availability of critical oral health care services during the pandemic. At the time, the Foundation announced its initial donation of $300,000. After receiving a $2 million grant from Delta Dental of Massachusetts, donations from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, Eastern Dentists Insurance Company (EDIC), and District Dental Societies, and additional funds from the MDS Foundation endowment, the COVID-19 Recovery Fund now has more than $3.5 million available to support practicing MDS member dentists. The MDS Foundation would like to thank these organizations for their generous donations and for supporting the COVID-19 Recovery Fund. 

The Finance and Practice Workgroup has been researching various options on how to apply those funds to benefit MDS members who deliver access to care throughout the Commonwealth. This Workgroup was charged by the Board of Trustees with the responsibility of selecting the best option for distributing the Recovery Fund. The Workgroup identified availability and access to personal protective equipment (PPE) for providers as a critical element for members throughout the state and purchasing verified N95 masks in bulk by June 1 as a primary goal. The Workgroup has been able to receive commitments for 35,000 N95s masks by August 31, 2020. Understanding that this does not satisfy all of the needs for members, the Workgroup moved on to exploring options to address other services through a credit system with a major supplier and as a result, is proposing the following bundled program that includes a PPE Kit (an estimated $250 value) and a $1000 account credit from Henry Schein.

Eligibility Requirements

  • MDS member in good standing as of July 15, 2020  
  • Must be actively practicing or working in academics in Massachusetts  
  • Non-resident members are ineligible

Not Opting In

  • By not opting in, your allocation of the funds will remain in the MDS Foundation to be used for other access-to-care purposes.

When Will I Receive My PPE Supply Kit?

The PPE supply kit will be mailed directly to each participant or allocated recipient by September 15, 2020.

How Does the Henry Schein Account Credit Program Work? 

  • All dentists must include their idividual Henry Schein account number or the account number for the eligible practice they are allocating their credit to on the MDS COVID-19 Recovery Fund Program opt-in form submission. 
  • All dentists without existing Schein accounts that are not allocating their account credit to a dental practice must contact Schein, in advance of completing the opt-in form, using the dedicated information phone line at 844-211-0185 to create an account. Schein will create a new account for each previously unenrolled dentist. 
  • Henry Schein will post a $1000 credit in the designated account by September 1, 2020.
  • Questions? Contact your Henry Schein representative for guidance.
  • Note: The account credit will expire on August 1, 2023. 

What Can You Use the Schein Account Credit For? 

  • Purchase $1000 worth of Schein products and services (including PPE based on availability)  
  • Assign account credit benefit to a specific practice (e.g., an associate/employee dentist could allocate back to employer if they choose)  Recipient dental practice Schein account number is required for opt-in form submission.
  • Apply to Henry Schein account balance or receive a refund. Contact your Henry Schein representative for guidance.