Donated Dental Supplies Program

As a way for the Massachusetts Dental Society (MDS) to continue its support for local dental hygiene, dental assisting, and dental laboratory technology programs in the Commonwealth, the MDS is asking member dentists to consider donating used dental equipment and instruments to area schools. Donations should be in good working condition and less than 10 years old. If you would like to make a request of equipment and/or supplies, please email Jennifer Hanlin at the MDS or call (800) 342-8747, ext. 276.

List Your Equipment or Supplies for Donations

Your listings will be forwarded to the dental assisting, hygiene and lab tech schools. The contact person(s) at the school will be directed to contact you directly, by using the information you provide below.

If requesting, program or organization name
Description of equpiment request

Available Dental Equipment

There is no listed available dental equipment at this time.

Requested Equipment and Supplies

  • Greater Lawrence Technical School. Looking for expired dental materials. Tray systems, lab bins, gloves, hand instruments, specialty instruments, ppes. Contact Diane M. Skreslet at (978) 686-0194.
  • Greater Lawrence Technical School. Brand-new dental assisting program looking for supplies, including but not limited to: expired cement, sealer, instruments, old bibs, expired film, and amalgam. Contact Amanda Dangelo, CDA, EFDA, at (978) 686-0194, ext. 4011. 
  • Greater New Bedford Regional Vocational Technical High School Dental Assisting Program. Need a dental chair to be used in radiography room. Contact Lois Aguiar at (508) 998-3321, ext. 199. 
  • Middlesex Community College Dental Hygiene Program. Vacu press for dental materials laboratory. Contact Nancy J. Baccari, RDH at (978) 656-3051.
  • Southeastern Technical Institute. Final Impression automatic mixing unit (ex. Pentamix). Digital camera for intraoral photography. Expired suture material. Ketac activation and application devices. Please contact Tammi M. Hassan, DMD
  • Blackstone Valley Regional Vocational Technical High School. Please contact Rose Ann Fitzpatrick at (508) 529-7758, ext. 2670.
  • Mount Ida College Dental Hygiene Program. Please contact Gary M. Beckett, DDS at (617) 928-7345.
  • Tri-County Regional Technical Vocational High School. Please contact Mary Frohn at (508) 528-5400, ext. 133.
  • Nashoba Valley Technical High School. Contact Lorraine Reppucci at (978) 692-4711, ext. 1144.
  • Massasoit Community College Dental Assisting Program. Contact Judy Shannon at (781) 821-2222, ext. 2754.
  • Northeast Metro Tech School. Contact Sharon Farrington at (781) 246-0810.
  • Nashoba Learning Group. Compressor to be used as part of an in-school dental program for children with autism. Contact Janet Flynn, school nurse, at (781) 275-2500.

Ways to Donate Equipment and Supplies

Below are other organizations that accept donated dental equipment and supplies to help needy children and adults locally and around the world. Before donating, consult your accountant, who may advise you to have the equipment properly appraised before taking a tax credit.

Caution should also be exercised before donating dental supplies, especially chemicals and medications. Many supplies most likely will have reached or are nearly at the end of their shelf life and could be unsafe or ineffective if used. These expired, opened bottles, containers, or packages often have uncertain content and should not be considered for donating.
To learn more about each organization, click the name or call.

  • American Medical Resources Fund: Donates refurbished but functional medical and dental equipment to hospitals serving the poor worldwide. Call (508) 580-3301.
  • Bridge Over Troubled Waters: Provides medical care to Boston-area youth who experience violence, malnutrition, abuse, and unhealthy conditions on the streets. In-house medical clinic provides physical examinations and the dental clinic offers examinations, cleanings, and fillings. Call (617) 423-9575.
  • Lazarus House: Based in Lawrence, the Lazarus House provides a continuum of services, including dental services, to people who are in dire need of life's most basic necessities. Call (978) 689-8575.
  • HOPE Worldwide: Serves the world's most poor, sick, and suffering. Call (610) 254-8800 or email.