House of Delegates

The House of Delegates is the supreme authoritative body of the Massachusetts Dental Society. As such, it speaks for the thousands of members of the Society and for the dental profession in Massachusetts.

2019 Candidates

Two candidates are running for the position of MDS Vice President: Dr. Meredith Bailey, Chair of the Boston District Dental Society, and Dr. L. Jeffrey Lowenstein, Trustee of the Metropolitan District Dental Society. According to the Massachusetts Dental Society (MDS) Constitution & Bylaws, the Nominations Committee will meet at a future date to interview both candidates, make a recommendation, and present a slate of Officers to the House of Delegates on Friday, June 7, 2019. To learn more about the candidates, read their position papers.

Election Commission

Election Commission Composition and Responsibilities

The Election Commission shall be comprised of three (3) members: the Massachusetts Dental Society Speaker of the House, who shall be Chair; the current or a past Chair of the MDS Ethics Committee, as selected by the President; and a third member who shall not be a current member of the Board of Trustees, as selected by the President. The Election Commission is charged with:

a. Overseeing and adjudicating all issues of contested elections for MDS offices.

b. Meeting with all candidates on campaign issues, such as promotional activities, campaign literature, travel, and electronic and other communication methods.

c. Overseeing any dispute or violation.

The members of the Election Commission for 2019 are: Speaker of the House Dr. Raymond Martin, Chair; Dr. William Muldoon, Jr.; and Dr. Robert Leland. 

Election Commission Violation Reports

As is stated in the Election Guidelines, if violations of the Guidelines are determined to have occurred, then the Election Commission must report those violations to the House of Delegates. The Election Commission shall post a report in the House of Delegates section on the MDS website. 

In January 2019, the Election Commission met via conference call and determined a violation had occurred. Please read the Election Commission Report.

Election Guidelines

The following guidelines govern the announcement and conduct of all contested campaigns for MDS elective Officers. These rules will be distributed annually to all candidates. 
1. Communications Regarding Candidacy

Candidates shall not formally or informally announce their intent to run for office before the final day of the Annual Session immediately preceding their candidacy. A formal announcement shall include, at a minimum, the name of the candidate and an identification of the office being sought. The candidates shall not use assets of the MDS or their District Society, beyond member contact information, for campaign purposes. The candidates and their affiliates shall use only personal webpages and personal social media profiles for campaign purposes. All candidates’ campaign statements and profiles may appear on the MDS website. The candidates shall not indicate their candidacy on email electronic signatures or letterhead. The candidates shall share the Contested Election Guidelines with appropriate individuals within their local District, such as District Officers, Committee Chairs, and other individuals assisting with the campaign. Candidates agree that during the campaign year, dental publications and news articles on or interviews with a candidate are restricted to include only announcements of the candidate’s intent to run for the office and articles relating to their official duties as an MDS volunteer. The candidates shall prepare a one-page (double-sided) curriculum vitae (CV) that meets the Nominations Committee’s guidelines, and shall submit the CV to the Nominations Committee for review and approval prior to distribution. Candidates shall use the exact same one-page (double-sided) curriculum vitae at District meetings to which all candidates have been invited and appear, and at which a forum for candidates to address the membership is available. Candidates shall be responsible for the distribution of curriculum vitae at such meetings. Candidates shall not purchase or distribute promotional literature, apparel, or giveaway items. 
2. Campaign Contributions and Expenditures

Candidates shall not solicit or accept funds for campaign purposes. 
3. Travel

The candidates shall limit their campaign travel to attending only District meetings. The candidates shall refrain from campaigning at MDS Council, Committee, and Task Force meetings. Candidates shall campaign at only District Society meetings, upon invitation, and only when a forum is available to address the membership. Candidates shall accept an invitation only if the invitation has been extended to all candidates. While a candidate is making a campaign presentation to delegation or a meeting, the other candidate(s) may not be present in the room. If a candidate has a commitment as a speaker or presenter at a dental meeting, the candidate should inform the Election Commission of this commitment.  
The candidate may attend specialty dental organization meetings of which the candidate is a member and any regional and state dental meetings with the understanding that attendance at these meetings shall be strictly as an individual dental professional and not for the purpose of campaigning. 
4. House of Delegates

Each candidate will be given an opportunity to address the House of Delegates before balloting has begun. The speech will be strictly limited to no more than three minutes. There will be no question & answer session. 
5. Violations

If violations of the Guidelines are determined to have occurred, then the Election Commission must report those violations to the House of Delegates. The Election Commission shall post a report in the House of Delegates section on the MDS website. Additionally, an email will be sent to all Delegates and Alternate Delegates with a working email address on file, alerting them that the report has been posted. The Report of the Election Commission will also be given orally by the Chair of the Election Commission at the first meeting of the House.   
6. Notification

Any questions regarding these Contested Election Guidelines shall be directed to the Chair of the Election Commission for clarification.

2019 House of Delegates General Information and Materials

2019 House of Delegates

The 2019 House of Delegates will be held on Friday, June 7, 2019, at the Newton Marriott starting at 8:30 am.

Materials coming soon. 

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