House of Delegates

The House of Delegates is the supreme authoritative body of the Massachusetts Dental Society. As such, it speaks for the thousands of members of the Society and for the dental profession in Massachusetts.

2019 Nominations Committee Report

Violation Report(s) to the House of Delegates

2019 House of Delegates Proposed Resolutions

Report of the President and Executive Director

2019 House of Delegates General Information and Materials

Recognition of Outgoing Volunteers & Awards

Outgoing Officers, Trustees, and Guest Board Members:
  • President: Howard M. Zolot, DMD
  • Trustee, Metropolitan: Michael C. Sheff, DMD, MScD
  • Trustee, North Metropolitan: Michael P. Arrigo, DMD
  • Guest Board Member: Jeffrey R. Karen, DDS
  • Guest Board Member: Austin Lee, DMD
  • Guest Board Member: Mahesh Sadhnani, DMD, MPH
  • Guest Board Member: Alex Bao Yee, DDS
Outgoing Committee Chairs:
  • Audit Committee: Andrea Richman, DMD
  • Business Development Committee: Michael P. Arrigo, DMD
  • Dental Practice and Benefits Committee: Edwin J. Helitzer, DMD
  • Membership Committee: Hubert J. Park, DMD, MPH
Outgoing District Chairs:
  • Boston: Meredith A. Bailey, DMD
  • Metropolitan: Robert S. Gilardetti, DMD, MD
  • Middlesex: Katie-Rose Wagner, DDS
  • North Shore: Helyne N. Hamelburg, DMD
  • South Shore: Pelly Chang, DMD
  • Southeastern: Christian J. Dinn, DMD
  • Wachusett: David D. Gianino, DDS
50-Year Practitioners:
The following dentists will be recognized as 50-Year Practitioners during lunch at the House of Delegates.
  • Peter P. Audette, DMD
  • Michael A. Blau, DDS
  • Darrell C. Blumer, DDS
  • Rene H. Bonneau, DMD
  • William L. Bourassa, DMD
  • Michael G. Broutsas, DDS
  • John S. Cassella, DMD
  • Ronald M. Chaput, DDS
  • Edward S. Cohen, DMD
  • Gerald S. Cohen, DDS
  • John A. Collins, Jr., DDS
  • Edward M. D'Eramo, DMD
  • Jeffrey F. Dwyer, DDS
  • James J. Fasy, DDS
  • Donald L. Feldman, DMD
  • Kenneth L. Fontecchio, DDS
  • Donald A. Forbes, DMD
  • Joel R. Frankel, DDS
  • Anthony P. Giannetti, DDS
  • John G. Hedstrom, DDS
  • John R. Hennessy, DDS
  • Loren S. Howell, DDS
  • Richard S. Hymoff, DMD
  • William D. Irving, DMD
  • James G. Judge, DMD
  • Leonard B. Kaban, DMD, MD
  • Michael D. Keefe, DMD
  • Roger  Kellerman, DDS
  • John A. Kellogg, DDS
  • Robert L. Kittredge, DDS
  • Stuart A. Klein, DDS
  • Ira S. Lapidus, DMD
  • Howard A. Levine, DMD
  • Paul F. Levy, DDS
  • Paul E. MacDonald, DMD
  • Charles M. Malkemus, DDS
  • Peter T. Messier, DDS
  • S. Murray Miller, DDS
  • John D. Mitsch, DMD
  • Robert A. Najarian, DDS
  • Robert R. Nersasian, DMD
  • Richard B. Nimberg, DMD
  • Paul F. Niosi, DMD
  • Kenneth T. Nolan, DDS
  • Daniel R. Olsen, DDS
  • William G. Pappas, DMD
  • Roger R. Paquette, DMD
  • Mario M. Paredes, DDS
  • Jeffrey R. Parsons, DMD
  • Bruce H. Person, DMD
  • Sheldon A. Piperno, DDS
  • Ronald T. Plotka, DDS
  • Ralph P. Pollack, DMD
  • Paul W. Ponichtera, DMD
  • James T. Reilly, DMD
  • David L. Rodman, DDS
  • Peter M. Schortmann, DMD
  • Edward J. Schreier, DDS
  • Philip E. Schwartz, DDS
  • Richard A. Schwartz, DMD
  • Norbert J. Shay, DMD
  • David J. Shelsy, DDS
  • Arnold D. Silverman, DDS
  • Randall M. Sneider, DMD
  • Robert L. Soper, DDS
  • Stanley  Starr, DDS
  • Gerald G. Udler, DMD
  • David S. Wald, DMD
  • Arnold R. Wallins, DDS
  • Stephen J. Walsh, DDS
  • William H. Waters, DDS
  • Arnold  Watkin, DDS
  • Allen L. Weiner, DMD
  • James P. Whitman, DMD
  • Mark E. Wilner, DDS
  • Steven A. Wolman, DMD
  • John A. Wright, III, DDS
  • Allan H. Yacubian, DMD
  • Jerry A. Zanni, DDS

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