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Governance Task Force

On December 11, 2017, MDS President Dr. Lustbader sent a letter via email to all members with an update on the Governance Task Force recommendations on governance reform.
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Delta DOI Update

The MDS legal team expects the Review Board of the Division of Insurance (DOI) to have a decision in the next 4-6 weeks. The MDS continues to monitor this situation and will inform members once the decision is available. 
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Puerto Rico Relief Donation

The Board of Trustees has approved a $25,000 donation to the ADA Foundation Emergency Disaster Grant Program, which provides some financial assistance to Puerto Rican dentists affected by Hurricane Maria this fall.
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Dental Insights

The MDS Dental Practice Committee recommends before hiring a new staff person for your office that you conduct—or consider hiring a third party to perform—a background check on the job candidate. The information received from this background check—including former employers, educational institutions, government sources, consumer credit agencies, Internet databases, and personal references—will help you know more about your potential employee and, as a result, may minimize your exposure to risk, such as fraud or embezzlement.
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