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What’s in It for Me?

Plenty. First and foremost, you have the opportunity to take a leadership role in your profession and make a difference at your District or state level. You also will benefit from networking with colleagues and discussing current clinical and management issues that affect your practice and the dental profession—so GIVE IT A TRY.

• Camaraderie • Support network
• Developing friendships • Dentist-to-dentist relationships


Sometimes, one of the hardest parts of getting involved can be finding an opportunity
that fits your personality and interests. Check out the MDS opportunities available to
uncover your perfect match.

Time Commitments

    Small time commitment. There are many small ways to get involved that typically involve volunteering to do a specific task that can take between 3–8 hours of your time. While the time commitment is small, the contribution is not—together, all of these small tasks play an important part in the Society’s needs.
    Medium time commitment. These roles are ongoing over the course of a year and typically require participation once a quarter. Many of these meetings have a “virtual meeting option” available. These roles play a vital part in the success of the Society in defining policy and operations.
    Large time commitment. These roles are ongoing over the course of a year or years, and serve as the key governance body of the Society. Time commitments range from quarterly participation to twice a month. These roles help define the mission of the Society.

Volunteer Opportunities

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Volunteer Opportunities Large

Please select your areas of interest by placing a check in the box from the activities listed in the chart below. Time commitments required for each activity is indicated by color coding: Small, Medium, Large

General Interests:



Councils and Committees

If you are interested in becoming involved in a council or committee, you can serve on one of the following councilsand committees:




Community Outreach

If you are interested in helpingto support the oral health needs of the community, you can:


Yankee Dental Congress

If you are interested in strengthening the annual Yankee Dental Congress, you can take part as:


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What do you hope to achieve from your experience?


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MDS Board and Staff

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MDS House of Delegates

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The House is the supreme authoritative body of the Massachusetts Dental Society. As such, it speaks for the thousands of members of the Society and for the dental profession in Massachusetts.

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