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BORID Regulations Require AEDs for Offices


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Helping You Understand the Regulations

The Board of Registration in Dentistry (BORID) is the state agency that governs the practice of dentistry. BORID grants licenses to practice, determines continuing education requirements for dentists and hygienists, and investigates consumer complaints. It is important for all dentists in Massachusetts to be familiar with the regulations in their entirety. The MDS encourages members to be especially diligent in reviewing the sections on anesthesia (234 CMR 6.00), continuing education (234 CMR 8.00), and the practice of dentistry (234 CMR 5.00).

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Draft Regulations for Dental Assistants - Still Pending

The Board of Registration in Dentistry (BORID) has released draft regulations that will require all dental assistants (OJT, CDA, FTDA, EFDA), to “register” with the state and pay a registration fee, which is yet to be determined. They do not require that all dental assistants be certified.

The proposed regulations will require 12 hours of continuing education every two years and mandate training in infection control, CPR, and OSHA.  A public hearing on the regulation was held in November 2011 at BORID headquarters in Boston. Representatives from the MDS provided testimony on behalf of MDS members. Those regulations were sent to the Executive Office of Health and Human Services for legal review. There has not been a clear indication as to when that review will be completed.  The MDS is working with several legislators and organizations to bring this process to a close as quickly as possible.  


Members will be notified about the regulations as information becomes available.



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The Massachusetts Board of Registration in Dentistry is responsible for licensing dentists and dental hygienists for practice in the Commonwealth, establishing rules, regulations, and policies governing the practice of dentistry, dental hygiene and dental assisting, and investigating complaints against licensed dental professionals.

Board members are appointed by the Governor of the Commonwealth for up to two 5-year terms, and serve without compensation. They monitor licensee's practice of dentistry to ensure the public that services are provided in accordance with state statutes, Board regulations and policies, including ethical standards. A list of BORID members can be found on thier web site. 

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