Budget & Fiscal Planning Committee

Meetings Dates

The following meeting is scheduled for the committee:

  • March 23, 2016, beginning at 8:30 a.m. at MDS headquarters
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    Primary Responsibilities

    The Budget and Fiscal Planning Committee shall be composed of the Treasurer as Chair, President-elect, Vice President, Assistant Treasurer, Secretary, Speaker of the House, and three other members from the Board of Trustees appointed by the President after consultation with the Treasurer. The primary responsibilities of the committee are to:

    • To prepare for the Board of Trustees the annual budget of the Society. 
    • To investigate and recommend to the Board of Trustees an investment policy or changes in such policy when indicated to effect the financial growth of the Society.
    • To establish an Investment Subcommittee on retirement planning and investment trusts to assist the Budget and Fiscal Planning Committee in developing recommendations to the Board of Trustees on behalf of the membership. The Assistant Treasurer shall chair the Subcommittee. The President, in consultation with the Treasurer, shall select four members from the Budget and Fiscal Planning Committee to serve on the Subcommittee. The Subcommittee may engage consultants and resources as necessary to accomplish its work.


    Minutes and Materials

    Questions or comments concerning meetings or minutes can be directed to the Chair, Chief Financial Officer Kathleen Boyce, CPA, or MDS Executive Director Dr. Robert Boose.

    Meeting minutes are now secure for member-only access. Please click here to login and review directions on opening meeting minutes.




    Members (June 2015-June 2016)




    Howard M. Zolot, DMD
    (978) 687-7788

    Howard Zolot



    Raymond K. Martin, DDS
    (508) 337-8555


    David P. Lustbader, DMD
    Vice President
    (617) 773-9500 


    Thomas A. Trowbridge, DDS, MD
    Assistant Treasurer
    (978) 458-1264


    Charles L. Silvius, DDS
    Speaker of the House
    (781) 286-3700


    Janis Moriarty, DMD
    (781) 729-7767 ext. 19


    Michael P. Arrigo, DMD
    (781) 284-8800


    Robert S. Leland, DMD
    (781) 826-8395


    Philip B. Howells, DDS
    (508) 393-6160


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